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2022-09-23 - 5:48 p.m.

I need to rouse from my resting to fire up a grill as the meat I pulled out of the freezer to thaw happens to be shish kabobs.

Not something I would have bought; but it was from the local org where I picked up provisions to help out. Last Sat I went online and had an appointment about an hour and a half later which was amazing.

There are three of us- and two shish kabobs so I will fire up the grill and grill anything I can find that makes sense to grill. Some squash, sweet potaotes, potatoes. An couple onions...

OK getting the motivation by writing I will do it which helps in the follow through. I already got up to take Bellatrix for a walk as she roused me and I had to! I also accepted a call from a recruiter after seeing an email from a company that is using an AI Platform for initial 10 min behavioral interviews.
I saw the email and was bummed they are doing that. I think it is BS. I think there is NO WAY that those AI systems are designed without bias.

I was not thrilled to see the large company that asked for this interview is also one that I agreed to have my resume sent to at the very lowest rate I will work for. Bummer.
I have resumes pitched for $10 to $40 more per hour for similar roles. This is a large well known consulting company on the stock exchange and I was tired and took a call at the end of some week and wanted to be sure hit enough leads and applications in that week so said yes to a lower rate. I do understand to get the rate I want I have to have patience. I believe I will get it if I target the job hunt to those who really need the added value of my law degree. (Then the high rate is a bargain as lawyers charge 1/3 at minimum more than me!)

DAMN I am really tired... OK the writing is not working. I did not publish it yet... and just going to give up on the idea of grilling tonight. I am not feeling the energy.

Feel like I NEED to sleep.

Canned soup will do and frozen chic filet ... or canned chili... something for tonight. Everyone can fend for selves tonight here. I will fire up the grill TOMORROW and cook for lunch on it! That is a better plan. I won't be tired and impatient and hopefully it will not be chilly out. It is cooler here than it has been yet. Today it felt like someone flicked off the summer switch and turned on the FALL one.

I mean it felt chilly! A lovely chilly Fall day. There are actually leaves that yellowed and then fell!

I am so glad we had a beach day on the very last day of summer! I had not realized it; just hadn't thought about it- but I did say to my friend "Let's go visit a beach before the summer is over" and indeed we did just that as Wed when I picked her up with my kids it was in fact the last day of summer that we went to the beach!

It was perfect weather for it! 85 degrees out! It was such a nice day. There was only one other family, a mom with two kids, who were visiting and spent the day on the beach as well that day. We had this whole beach on the bay off the Potomoac River a few hours south of Washington DC all to ourselves.

I played guitar; I read and I swam. No one else wanted to actually swim. There were alot of jellyfish in the water. I asked the mom and her kids if they had gone swimming and they said they had. I asked if they knew about the jellyfish and they did not but her kids had picked some up, put them in a bucket and were watching them swim! They had held them in their hands without incident.

That made me not afraid of being stung by them. I did a quick google search to read reviews of the beach we were at and about the jellyfish. One mom wrote she went there with her seven kids and four got stung but it did not hurt much and each was back in the water in a half hour.

So I swam. But the thing is for some reason I was still nervous. I could not just relax and float. Not like me to feel nervous and scared of anything ( at least never was in the past!) My body was not able to relax. I tried to get into the groove of swimming like I was doing laps in the pool for exercise. I tried to swim along shore to get a good swim in.

I first swam in a circle and ended up circling around and swam back into shore. HA HA My left arm must be stronger than the right so I headed to the left and that made the circular swim pattern. I didn't know it til I looked up as it was suddenly shallow.

I went back out and then paid more attention and swam straighter parallel to the shore. I couldn't just close my eyes and swim though as had to pay attention to if straight and not go right back to shore which happened when I closed my eyes to swim and try to get into flow.

I felt these little itchy sort of pricks so think I WAS being stung. The sensation was just like a bug bite. It was like I had a mosquito or a spider bite then an itchy response. There were a few of these all over my arms and legs so I was not sure if it was a flare up of the remaining posion ivy on my arms getting aggrevated by the water hitting skin or an actual prick of tiniest sting of a jellyfish. But if the water exasperated some immune response I felt it on both the arm with the poison ivy patch remaining healing AND on legs so think it was actual stings.

YEAH They did not hurt really just a weird sensation- but there and enough to make me really nervous and uncomfortable. It was less phyical discomfort than nerves as there were so many Tiny and small jellyfish but I did see one large one wash close up to the shore and that was enough for me to fear pain from a sting from a big one.

So it was a bit disappointing I didn't get to swim for long. It was refreshing to go out however just for about 10 or so ( maybe 15?) minutes tops, if that... sometimes a hard swim for a bit feels that long but in reality is MUCH quicker.

Guess done writing as the dog is demanding belly rubs and tummy rubs. (wait.. same thing HA HA ... see I am tired....) Freed the left hand to finish this!

Good thing I could not swim further that day in comfort as it turns out my shoulder has been sore since. It feels like I overdid it and I didn't even swim much! That is such a bummer.
The right shoulder has been hurting after swimming.

Ce la vie... this just happens when older. Body more sensitive and things don't heal as quickly as when young!

I just ignored ANOTHER recruiter call. Heck its Friday night! I wanted to STOP the habit of working late on Fridays which I fall into when I hold full time jobs!! SO no I am not answering calls.
I told the other recruiter I did pick up as I knew he was calling to check I got the email for the "AI" interview screening I would tend to it on Monday morning. AS I told him-
" It is Friday after 5pm. If a company keeps doing work after 5pm on a Friday and over the weekend I don't want to work for them. I will tend to it Monday morning."

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