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2022-09-27 - 2:21 p.m.

Quick touch base with my buddy I used to work with, who was out of work as his project ended JUST as I literally became official with my business ready to rock and roll.

At this point he is on anther project which ends in Jan. I am really happy for him that he found work with a company that actually really does treat their employees well and values him.

The project he had been on ended but the company he has been with ( since being leaving the former employer we both worked for); had really valued their employees and did stuff like give cash bonuses to all employees ( substantial) when shifted to remote only and cut their costs of operations by not needing to rent office space. They literally gave the cost savings back to employees. That is unheard of!

But they did it. And they sent care packages to employees all through COVID.

Then they give holiday bonuses at random holidays that are not expected. Like 4th of July. Who gets a 4th of July random bonus check of a couple thousand dollars?

So when I heard his project was over with them I was disappointed but vowed to try to find a new one for him if they did not. I told him I could not compete with how well they treated him at this point but if they did not have work my goal is to land a project for him that WOULD be competetive! ( Ad heck I would send him care packages and random bonuses if I found a project and could afford to do so!! I mean I only need to meet my goals/expenses and not be greedy so if I became profitable and could do that I would! ) I am very pleased to report that the company he was happy to work for tghe past year or so did find another job for him! (Basically they had an existing contract and were able to move him onto it when someone left!)
It is now not the job he WANTS. He is working as a pricing analyst! HA HA as that the area he is GOOD at but he would rather be in a different role.

HE HAS COVID NOW which sucks so I did not want to talk at length but honestly am relieved he has work as was worried I have not honeslty been pounding the pavement looking for a RFP He is a perfect fit for- which if he was out of work I was going to make priority AS SOON as landed work for ME to do!

SO now I can keep that task on back burner for JANUARY and if then he doesn't land something with his current employer will take a look.

He said he would work on any proposals with me and offered to help me with anything.

Just awesome to have some good people in my corner; and happy to have the support and know if needed I can reciprocate.

He is the fellow with years of FBI experience and a top secret clearance and is just SO SOLID and STABLE and DEPENDABLE and a great person that there is no reason he would not be found a good position BUT FOR age discrimination and judgement of some ( like our old boss) who somehow don't undersand the value of those who quietly without calling attention to self and without fanfare do their jobs well.

He is a low key kind of energy. His energy is so chill. I do know his limitations. He is thoughtful and considerate and has a personality that likes to think and discern and not quickly make judgements. That clashed with the impulsivity of our boss who I swear only valued the overt leadership of those who are decisive and quick to be sure about themselves and their decisions. (Like me! HA she LOVED me until somehow I made HER uncomfortable for a few reasons: My growing knowledge, skill and competence which made her feel vulnerable so she had to attack and her own prejudices ...somehow... that moment of her asking " What does mixed mean?" When somehow after seeing pics of my kids she then didn't respect me professionally again... it was so very obvious and bizarre to be on the end of that flip in how someone treated me based on WHO My family is. SO WEIRD. This guy saw it happen!)

In a way we bonded in the trenches of a work war zone!!! We managed to live through the experience of a bonafide abusive toxic boss then support through the PTSD of that fallout of the war. It was nuts but so clear after everyone got out of there how unhealthy it was. I just don't want anyone who is capable that I know to ever have to deal with a toxic boss and I know I was a damn good manager,

The other thing is this guy literally commuted FIVE HOURS to then stay with his brother to work during the week in our office. Then he made it home to his wife and time with his young adult kids when they visited ( he has raised his kids. They are all out in the world. When we worked together they were finishing college).

Fuck anyone who works that damn hard should be respected and valued.
I watched him come into the office on Monday mornings after a five hour fucking commute and be fully present at our Monday morning team meetings with AWE.


at his clean presentation, sharply dressed and fully present

and watched this boss of ours literally disrespect him

and berate him if he did not know something off the cuff. If he had not yet reviewed every communication from last week and had to say "I have to look that up"

If he did not have EVERY Data point of fact at his fingertips she acted like he was irresponsbile and unprepared.

I mean minutia.


The kind of details I would not expect ANYONE to necessarily have on hand at the overview planning morning stand up meeting.

She was a bitch plain and simple who was orchestrating moments to make him feel like a failure. I was not having it.
So we worked as a team.
Somehow I could divert the attention and focus and redirect the conversation and not let her go off - not allow the opportunity -
and she of course did not like I could do that. I could challenge in that passive but agressive way of shifting the conversation and did not give her the space to abuse him. I literally did that and it worked before she knew it at times.

I somehow knew how to step in and intervene

Abusers need that to happen. There is a fucking sad art to it. No one should have to hone that skill- the art of assuming authority and taking it when needed to deflate the egoist who is using their authority to abuse others.

BUT FUCK when someone else is abused in my orbit that is when I most step into my own power.

That is when the earned authority comes forth and I shine.

SO Now I want to be able to curate jobs for me and yes a small company where I support others and shine with stepping into my own power by uplifting OTHER'S Power and Ability, I envision supporting OTHERS

I really love the logo my designed created. It visually shows support of OTHERS. My company is a service company.

I want it to not be about me.
I want it to be a company providing quality services to others and I am just a conduit to connect good people to good projects yet in this targeted way of the work I provide and a few other technical and administrative roles. NOt a staff augmentation company per se, as not all staff aug, but targeted focused professional services.

I laughed as my buddy said he is working as a pricing analyst and I just told a recruiter today I was not interested in a job for pricing analyst.

I too don't want that role.
That is what he did best when we worked together.

In other news today I signed a lease for a tenant! I am really happy that I think this person will be a very good fit! I think she will like this space here in my basement. That money in monthly will help much!

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