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2022-10-03 - 12:21 p.m.

Once I get moving it is gratifying to get shit done quickly.

I finally finished the touch up paint job of my main floor bathroom. I can't recall how many months ago the toitet paper holder fell off the wall and I took it off and spackled the hole; then later sanded but never did the final task of touching up the paint.

So yes today I did that and yes it is a blue color that is also not streaking my hair, thankfully RIGHT at the front side in a space, strands rather, which perhaps could look like it was intentional unless someone is up close to see the texture of the latex.

I had to laugh. I was painting BEHIND the toilet as this the a bathroom I HIRED the guys who re-did my basement to also paint and the fellow MISSED the part right behind the toilet. He did a great job of 95 % of the room! I laughed as discovered that when cleaning and just let it be.

So after I touched up the wall; the fixture area and other spots that got worn, I was on the floor leaning to reach under the back of the toilet and painted that section too. When I got up I realized my hair on the left side brushed up against the recently painted wall where the toilet fixure goes.

I am just not going to wash my recently colored hair just yet. I think I will just stick that section under the faucet to hand wash it out. But trying to figure out if best to wait til I shower- cause honestly every time you wash after coloring it does rinse out some of the saturation of the color.

Either will work I guess- but I am just not feeling like taking care of it yet. I ate some lunch and am trying to get teen motivated to work on her room. She is still in bed. I know the kid was up later than me-
but swear this is what depression looks like. Being in bed and not being motivated to get up and do even the things one WANTS to do.

I keep meeting other parents who have teens and young adults in a similar state. It feels like there is a whole geneataional maliase and depression and its so difficult for many.

Jobs all over are vacant and people all over are also not working cause of various reasons.
Hey the hardware store has a coffee shop that was not opened as they don't have staff!! It was a great idea when they put in the little coffee shop next to the hardware store so everyone thought; however folks at the store said they can't find staff. I will tell my teens.. maybe that will interest one of them. It doesn't seem like it would be overwealmingly busy. I almost feel like the owner just gets to cut his losses for part he real estate expenses if it is a fail. I swear sometimes multiple business owners will start one WITHOUT intending for it to be profitable as the deductions are valuable enough on the losses....

OR as a shell for something else... who knows....

that was a popular thing in certain cities. Not expecting that to be the case out here in the semi rural/suburban area... but one never knows.

I love speculating on things...

I also finally put some paint on the part of the wall that holds tie backs that also fell down and I also spackled to re-install but never got as far as final paint coat. So glad that will be getting that little project done too! Once the paint dries I can re-install the hardware that has been sitting on my dresser for months. I thought of this today as it is overcast and I wanted some light but was struggling to get the curtains up.

OH Joy- my teen in kitchen eating some cereal and singing along with the radio. UP and about! I can move on the sanding and priming hopefully of her room. She might insist on doing it herself as she said I could go in to start that job but was FURIOUS as HER allergy meds got moved ( yes by me) and she had a heck of a time finding them! They were on top of something had to be moved to spackle...

I have been banished.. but it might have been just for last night when she had to hunt for those.

We all get cranky during allergy flares and yes that was well deserved. I did move that tiny darn bottle and had no idea where. (Somewhere I THOUGHT obvious??)

AH I just real time got permission. I just hope we can get this room done between today and tomorrow.

The hardware store by the was DID Take the return of the lock mechanism that did not work.
I am waiting for all bills to clear before going to go further shopping for new lock set. I want a specific one that allows keyless entry with a code. We had one of those and I LOVED it. In fact that is why no one had a key as it worked for years and we all just punched in a numerical code! But it broke at some point and we just didn't bother locking BOTH doors. ONe lock worked! The other we just never locked. The thing is we DO lock it from the inside sometimes but no one could come in if that were done. so I HAVE to have a key for it as if it gets locked and all were sleeping if the tenant came to get in she HAS to have access!!

She told me not to worry about getting it done today!! WHEW She doesn't mind just waiting a couple more days for me to be able to afford to go buy the NICER NEW touchless lock system as I really want to replace that whole darn thing but those are more expensive.

So now that kid is up and I can get into her room ( real time permission just given for me to help!) , not going to clean my hair yet- as it might become multicolored before the day is done ( or tomorrow!)
May as well just wait and get more painting done. There is a pick bathroom that needs touch up ( hideous color like pepto bismal but no one thinks worth re-painting that. I tried to convince them as the teens use that room) AND the accept wall which is a orange for the teen's room that we are putting on one wall. So I will wait- I might have some funky other colors soon enough streaking my hair.

I don't go to work til Wed and will do the Home Depot run then after work!

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