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2022-10-04 - 4:55 p.m.

I took of one shift only on one day only from the Retirement community so I could attend the funeral of my friend's daughter.

So being honest when VEC asked "Did you turn down any work this week? Why?"
I said
"yes because I had to travel to attend a funeral on Sept 11"

I get a Determination from Deputy letter stating

" Based on the facts obtained in connection with this claim for unemployment insurance benefits filed effective 7.17.2022 the undersigned deputy ...renders the following decision.

The Claimant is denied benefits from 09/11/2022 through 09/17 2022.

The claimant was/is out of town and not available for work during the above period."

NO I was SEEKING AND INTERVIEWED FOR FULL TIME JOBS to work that Monday through Friday
and turned down ONE six hour shift from the low wage job I work at every other week.

VEC is so very frustrating.

I meant I could not work at all on that day rather than just take off the hour for the funeral as I had to also drive hours there and back so missed my WHOLE shift that starts at 2:30 as I went to a 3pm funeral.

DAMN they don't read.
Its so freaking annoying. I get it they are understaffed and rushing. But they really don't freaking read and make wrong assumptions.

So once again I have to go on line and navigate the troublesome website to file yet another appeal of that wrong decision for a benefit of perhaps a couple hundred dolalrs only.

YET I have not yet been awarded one penny in VA unemployment. Not sure what the hold up still is.

So much for them promising to process and pay benefits within 21 days of a claim filed.

Well past that now.

Filed in July and here it is OCTOBER and not one penny in help received.

I went to the office of social services, primarily as had my adult kid with chronic illness who has a medicaiton that costs $450 per month in a COPAY from the crappy insurance we have to see if there is a way to get disability services. Figure at this point may as well apply for some help for the kid. Maybe they will get some medical care medicare or medicade (I forget which is which- one is for disabled and those with needs who are NOT old persons, and the other for elderly primarily I believe.)

I mean it is concerning when there is overactive cell growth and high lymphocytes with mastocysosis which could turn into a leukemia or other cancer. I mean mastocysosis really IS unusual cell growth which is not always dangerous but you know the actual definition of abnormal cell growth is actually cancer so could be dangerous.
Heck the treatment for this which my kid just read on is the same used for chemotherapy for cancers... so yeah is a chemo therapy as the only other treatment to prevent overactive mast cell growth if this medication prescribed months ago is not given and does not work.
I did leave a message for the kids Dad to understand the kind of reality of health issue this kid has that he dropped from health care. My kid said Call him and ask him if he will help pay for the $450 a month for the medication. I left that message last week but this week figured see if there is other help.

So we got that application in;
to see if eligible for medical help. I asked my kid if they wanted to look at the workforce development office.

OH the start of the day was that my kid wanted to go to the one Dr. to confirm the result of lab work was sent. That was the first stop. My kid just wanted to show up rather than navigate calling. Phone conversations are intimidating to this kid. I get it. So after driving there and scheduling a follow up ( yes the labs to be sent from the lab and other Doctor DID arrive thankfully!).

We owe this specialist some money. Insurance copays are adding up. I am happy she keeps seeing both kids but I really want to pay that bill in particular as soon as can.

Medical co pays are about $1000 past due at this point since being out of work. Our costs are about $300 to 400 a month in copays.

So it made sense to complete the TANF- Temp Assistance for Needy Families since income is less than cost of basic living expenses.
They do ask for ALL ASSETS. INCLUDING 401K and car and life insurance policies. So much information to gather. So it took me a few hours honestly to be pulling info from accounts and doing the math and completing all the data for two forms- one for medical help and one for SNAP/TANF. I likely am NOT eligible but what the heck worth finding out.

So then my kid DID want to go to the VA Workforce office. The person sent us to an of DAR its the same office I sent an email to my kid and tried to talk to my kid about a year ago.
Just going there in person after someone else recommended it made all the difference! OH we had gone to HOME DEPOT where I picked out the NEW LOCK for the front door. This kid likes Home Depot and while there I had asked if they wanted to consider applying for a job there. The kid was open to it but we checked out the bus route and the stop is across the street of this major highway interchange. A busy busy road ! Not at all safe and also quite a walk uphill- not reasonable for one with POTS to walk every day without being tired upon arrival at work, I agreed that there has to be a job that is in a reasonable manageable walk from a bus stop. The kid definitely has shifted in their thought and is open to taking a bus if the stop is close enough to a job. My kid said "I could probably work 20 to 25 hours a week."

So that is much progress in thinking more openly about possibilities and not stuck in the fixed thinking of "I can't" and not open to considering possibilities and seeing what is out there which is where this kid was at a year ago.

Progress!! YEAH

I totally agree the medical issues need to be stable before considering work- yet to a point. There are so many complicated medical issues that will always need ongoing care in those with chronic illness that can't expect to have all resolved
BUT do have to have enough energy to be able to realistically get to work and handle a job that is not physically demanding.

So that is where job assistance will help! They can help find employers with positions that do accommodate physical limitations.

They also may have relationships and know who are good employers who neither infantilize or disrespect disabled adult workers.

So that was really great progress that my kid went into the DAR office once we then found it. The talk of working at Home Depot was the catalyst for me asking if my kid was up to go into the social services office to see what support might be available. I initially was thinking of the job support but then thought- heck while here apply for both medical and TANF and SNAP since I am reliant on local food pantries and my income, although working part time, is too low to pay basic needs.

I have a new lock to install which should not take long! YEAH!
Then some tacos for dinner. No cheese or lettuce... or tomatoes. but we do have some meat seasoned and precooked that is designed for tacos or a salad and some swiss chard which is close enough... and onions.. and taco shells OH and salsa and a CHEESE Sauce - close enough!
Will do ...

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