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2022-10-06 - 8:27 a.m.

Random thought Peach salsa from Weigman's is delicious!
It made the Swiss chard tacos! We did not have cheese or sour cream so the one kid was not thrilled but ate one.

Today that will be leftovers for lunch.
I am killing time relaxing a bit and have to job hunt this AM and try to access VEC site AGAIN this morning; then go to get my COVID booster and flu shot today.

Talking to my DC guy on the phone he said he felt a bit of brain fog and he honestly was taking a few sec to recall the right word to use. He said he has not felt well since getting his flu and Covid booster earlier in the week- so perhaps his immune system is just reacting
OR maybe he caught COVID as the shot had not taken full effect yet. It takes a few weeks after the inoculation for the body to have created antibodies. He is not super off- just feeling low energy and the brain fog-
so hopefully it is the immune system working to create antibodies and a side effect and SHORT term

But that brain fog is concerning. He is going to take a COVID test.

Heck I understand a bit about that. I swear I had some serious issues of that YEARS ago.

All the POTS symptoms in my kids were experienced by me long ago (when worked at Verizon). Hell I never named actual employers but screw it, its been years now.
Just doesn't matter anymore I think... and so many folks worked there over the years.

I had to find a nap spot when I worked there so I could go crash during lunch.

The years with my own office were the best cause could nap IN my own office with the door closed.

The DC office I first started in was sweet!

Ok not to waste time today writing. I did not yet hear back from the company hope to get offer from. The recruiter said they were going to check references this week. They don't have great urgency it seems. So I am not worried and expect it to come. But I will follow up with her if I hear nothing by end of today to check in.

The next few weeks I have all sorts of volunteer work to be productive and busy.
I have no money but have signed up to volunteer at the film festival I LOVE to go to each Fall. I will get a tix to the movies in exchange for each 4 hr shift of volunteer work.
Heck- It will be fun to do and I will still get to go to the film festival without dropping the $80 I usually spend on tickets each Fall. This is my annual Artist Date!

Before I ever heard of the book The Artist's Way, and even heard the term "artist date"- which is what Julia Cameron calls it when carving out time for self to nurture your own well being, I had picked this event annually as my treat to myself. I tried to get others to go with me and did bring the kids some years. I bought two tix for some movies thinking I would be bold and find some interesting nice man and invite a date. (NEVER did!)
I have one story of the person who I gave the extra tix to.. but that is for another time as it is pretty funny and needs detail. (I forget sometimes if wrote of something so will check to see not captured yet.. but basically met a lone gal crying in her drink about her love... it ended up being rather funny, funny ironic as I thought maybe I would meet some single attractive man out and about and instead the place I went was full of only couples and her.
But I am tired... need a quick nap
dog walk then coffee...

I would love to land a job to start AFTER That film festival! End of October/Nov would be perfect!

My gut tells me if I land the client it will start slow, not a lot of hours but them testing me out then ramp up quickly as I KNOW they will be pleased.

I know this.
I hope I didn't saw the wrong thing when they said they would check references then send their paper.

I joked "Sure you are bigger than me.. I can be humble"

Meaning I have no leverage here. I hope that I did not undervalue myself and blow the interview. It was in response to the CEO joking then that he would send a joke contract- and if I just sign it I will be fired immediately.
I really liked his easy banter and joking actually. It felt very comfortable.
So honestly really expect the contract to come. ( not obsessing or worrying or concerned. And honestly i think they got it that in negotiations I don't care how small the company I represent and how large a corp negotiating when I wear that hat- I know when to not cave and put energy into the negotiation and fight. Sometimes there are fights- and I don't back down WHEN IMPORTANT. I am really GOOD at that. So good it made my boss nervous as she would have caved sooner- but I know I got solid results in their agreements and their risk was protected. I also have a good sense of WHEN A company has ACTUAL leverage!)

OK boring work shop stuff...

I don't like writing about work. I just want to GET some good work to do to support the rest of my life.

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