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2022-10-07 - 4:13 p.m.


So I should have emailed a thank you note to the panel interviewers a whole week ago.

I did so this AM
ONLY to have them bounced back!
My email did not make it through their security settings!

I have to try to figure out how to change the settings on my email to set up something called DKIM

I have not freaking idea what that is or how to do it and the instructions were not as simple as would have liked. I will figure it out- but it entails getting into the management of the server; the hosting site where my email for the business is run from.

Just a project.

I couldn't figure it out today.

But one of my former peeps said an email I sent him was never seen. I think it may have been blocked as well.

Just annoying.
The email to the recruiter who found me and pitched me to that company I am exctied about DID receive my emails .I had been corresponding to her and I also have my email set up so can see when she reads one sent.

Ce la vie... just cranky as that was a bummer and I did not yet hear from them AND my one reference said they did not yet call him.

They might be interested and slow OR they might not be interested....
time will tell.

I do think it a mess up on my part to not have been in communication all week. Here it is Friday

too late now.

I was busy focusing on the house: Getting the lock then installing it; kids and medical appointments and trying to get my one kid to get her room in order to get out of the obvious funk.
Figure might help!

My to do today was job hunting and the VEC weekly claim.

FAILED on the VEC claim...again!
Once again the web site will not let me in and I get the message to call.
Once again I tried and hit some question I needed to pull info for and it DROPPED me - DISCONNECTED as it was taking me too long.

THEN if you call back it gives the message "We are experiencing technical difficulties and do not know how long they will take to resolve."

Basically if you try to hit the site more than one time in a row OR try to call more than one time in a row I think their systems are designed to think it might be a hack and then block you from getting through.

Well that doesn't work for us ADHD folks.

Freaking annoying as it makes it user unfriendly.

And when the phone system TOO is user unfriendly in addition to getting bumped from the on line site which they say is so "Simple"
Well Shit outta luck.

It is just disappointing.

I really was hopeful I would get a VEC payment appearing in my bank! I gave them the bank account info and kept checking thinking "any day now"...

BUT after that LAST letter with the BULLSHIT that I was "unavailable for work as travelled out of town for the week"
I lost all hope of their efficiency!
I mean who is gaming who ?
YOu hear stories of folks gaming systems but I feel like the monkeying around is the other way around
that these systems are set up for supports that we have PAID INTO YES every time I work I am PAYING unemployment insurance
when I get fired then there is some deputy that PLAYS DUMB and ACTS like they think I am ineligible when I CLEARLY AM ELIGIBLE under all definitions and criteria to receive unemployment insurance.

It's amazing to me.

I did get a call from the local office of Social Services from a lady who went through my current income and is processing the SNAP application for food assistance.
That process is much more efficient it seems.

Apparently they actually follow up timely; really do the due diliegence AND get back to people quickly with determinations that seem reality based, They don't seem to hear what they prefer to hear-
I mean she was a straight shooter.

So I likely WILL get some SNAP for food assistance for the family soon.

Provisions are low. Can only eat canned veggies and pasta so many days til sick of that for sure!! Canned chicken a decent staple but we are out of bread.
I am trying to prioritize what bills to pay.

I did pay the co pay for one of the kids for the allergist. I mean that Dr. is the one expert who is really having added value for both kids. This is the doctor who is the expert is mastocytosis. So I paid the co pay for that adult child that the Dad is not supporting. Cause she needed more blood work to check the current lymphocytes and run some other tests.

It would be nice if Dad would pay the bill for the other as asked but it is still outstanding. I just don't understand parents who HAVE means who are assholes about supporting their own kids.
I just don't get it.
Don't dwell on it.. but It does come to mind when I look at the $1000 of outstanding medical copays and think this asshole can't do his part.
Sancatmonius self rightous so called Christian...

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