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2022-10-08 - 7:55 a.m.

I have to leave to be at a volunteer event but this is a new computer interface issue.

Freaking annoying -
The monthly bill for our health insurance had been set up as AUTOPAY

I scrambled to be sure the mortgage AND THAT in particular are paid every month.

I have been watching my bank account and that autodraft did not go through yet.


But sometimes it was as late as the 6th so was not concerned.

BUT checked email- see the bill
Click the link and log into their Anthem site where I have an account

AND on that site the bill is not there.

The last showing is SEPTEMBER

Again a site not user friendly.

If this life of mine were a novel or a weird psycological thriller

This would be due to a psyco ex husband who gets sick pleasure from end user hacking the system interfaces to make them unsuable for me in effort to destabalize.

I think the story would go that it never works but he gets more and more unhinged unfortuantely by his own obsessive attempts to destroy the viability of the hated.

His own anger and vengence would somehow destroy himself.
That would be the story spun...

I am SURE the reality is that the company is just hoping we somehow fail to mail a check or otherwised pay the premium as we are considered a PIA since we do after all have a legit complaint against Anthem for discrimination of not covering basic health care.

And yeah someone for Office of Civil Rights
or the Senator's office
wherever may have been in touch

Someone may have looked at our account and something got done to it...

or Accidentally
or intentionally

There is always the old fashioned method of mailing a check to pay for the premium.

Its just a PIA.

And the email said please pay by Oct 1.

Great they sent an email instead of the autodraft ( I don't believe that I changed that one. The only one I INTENDED To change was netflix!! Which I am binge watching cause if things did not change oct 15 was my cut off.. I mean on the principle of things...)

OK to mail the check and get to my thing I need to get to. And walk the dog before I leave.

Oh and Killing EVE is fun for a couple episdodes but I think after that it just kinda is making me tired.

Done with it...

Glad it is not making me think for real any actual fear of psycopaths! HA HA

Thankful I just can joke about what would be in my story if this were a novel. (and use imagination)

but the thing I loved was the DETAILS how the clues she saw would make her seem NUTTY and CRAZY yet how Eve was so spot on...
you have to watch the show to see that detail
and have to have been around a real pysopath to understand how well done and real that detail was.

That makes me think of the teapot left in my house
or the reference on phone to needing the pizza pan

those moments...

Which I am glad are well in the past and the funky interfact shit is not interference but typical life challenges which happen more and more now that EVERYTHING is on line.

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