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2022-10-08 - 8:49 a.m.

Now that the fun imagining 🤣 psychos for if life were a story captured...


I mean no shit in present but past majes my mind go there in a weird amusing to me imaginative way

Since my allergies went absolutely mad when walked Belkatrix
And took meds which did not kick in

I DID not yet show up to volunteer at our theater costume sake this AM yet. I mean thst would put my body over the edge into a full blown asthma attack in this minute. Eyes still mad itchy and nose running til allergy meds kick in.

I figured share good news for us

Thst SNAP was approved! Got a call at 4pm from a social worker. She confirmed current earned income.
Just opened email
She sent it at 4:20

Damn the social workers of the world are efficient!

They are like the angels 😇 💜

They navigate complex systems and paperwork quagmires efficiently.

They know how to do this.


I had also yesterday, before talked with her, made an appointment to pick up a few days provisions from Loudoun Hunger Relief who are amazing. I was going to volunteer about an hour then go get the food and then go back to help at the Costume Sale.

I realized perhaps the premium not being available is cause I also applied for Medicare/Medicare ( I forget which

Maybe the review stopped the payment showing!


That would be great. My kid for sure is eligible and shoukd get some medical help. My payment would be for single person not family and would be cheaper then. Maybe I am eligible too ...but again expect that to be very short term ( I hope)!!!

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