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2022-10-11 - 6:53 p.m.

Tonight is the training to be a volunteer at a film festival near me. I also was scheduled to help set up the box office this afternoon for a shift. I showed up to volunteer and there was literally nothing for me to do unfortunately. There was one simple task eventually which really did not take long for the other volunteer there and I to finish. I didn't want to drive home and have to drive back later so just job hunted from where I was at the best I could on my phone. I was grateful at least I could get that done. I should have written as well rather than scroll Instagram killing time. I wished I had brought a notebook with me !
It was pretty much wasted time.

Bummer as have a to do list at home but did not have means to get the things done I hoped to before leaving at 130 to get here by 2.

Well, at least a couple more job applications in, although not for anything truly of interest.

I hope worth the wasted day. I got hungry so did buy some chili and an ice cream sandwich which was the highlight of the day. I mean the most amazing ice cream sandwich made on these lovely thin molasses brown sugar cookies filled with butter pecan ice cream was worth the drive to this little town. But I am volunteering because my budget is tight and have no extra cash so the gas money and food out seems silly and to defeat the point. (Although I guess still cheaper than even one 18 tix tfor the festival! The amazing ice cream sandwich was only $3.50! I couldn't believe how low that price was for the quality ! Its one of the best ice cream sandwiches EVER. I also bought a cup of chili which I ate first. Price point was great too. $8.00 and some change... and I left a tip so $10 total for a decent meal. So can't complain too much about that. The next couple of days I will pack snacks when come to volunteer! I signed up for a few shifts as for each one I get a ticket to a movie.

Time for training.

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