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2022-10-14 - 5:46 a.m.

I awoke at 3AM and decided to just clean my room and bathroom as I have my college student coming to be my roommate for a week!

I hope this kid is accepting about the displacement of their bedroom without any drama.

I do feel badly that had to do that but it is what it is. No alternative just now.

I think my kid will be fine with this; although not pleased that all their stuff was touched and moved by me to the attic. I packed it all up! The only things I got rid of were the YEARS of prescription meds that were discovered that this kid had not taken!

I found the location to dispose of them and dropped those off yesterday actually.

The biggest task in keeping this house clean by far is THROWING SHIT OUT.

I mean just removal of clutter regularly is necssary to keep the house clean.

In straightening my room I found crap to throw out and other items to MOVE out of my space here.
A couple things in my very cluttered hallway I can move up into the attic for storage ( my suitcase for example; Carpet cleaner once I use it soon will then be out of way).

And then the last real big organizational task after moving everything around when basement was rented is on my one kid.

The one kid has the bottom part of a set of bunkbeds. It had a platform with these cool storage drawer which were pulled out and actually acted as a base for a third bed. That had been the one sibling college student basement dweller had used. The storage drawers need to be moved back under the other bed. They are currently sitting in my living room! Upright on the side- these two tall bases for that ( not the drawers); and the drawers are in the hall upstairs awiting the kid to FINALLY Clean under the bed in their room and put it all back together.

This is the very cluttered and messy room of my 20 yr old. They started organizing and made progress but did not finish.

Its like HALF their room is actually organized- their desk and stuff they use all the time' but then there is the other half which is a huge pile of things- clothes etc...

I am being patient and know eventually the kid will get it in order. There is also a dresser in the hall! This is a SMALL hallway. Not a larger house here! Its a townhouse with the three bedrooms upstarirs and one small hall between them. That dresser was pulled out of the other bedroom of the other teen who has so far still primed the room to be ALMOST Done with priming...

These kids start projects and have trouble finishing them.

Its an ADHD executive functioning challenge not uncommon.


But the living room has been kept neater than it had been ! AND one kid did dishes last week ( Win! HA HA even if only once I was happy. I tend to just do them as I can't stand them laying in the sink).

Funny thing is I don't mind dishes and don;t get resentful and never nag or really care but my one teen DEFINATELY Still must feel badly and judged for not doing them as there are seriously defensive comments made here and there.

It's almost like imagined criticiism. I don't criticize as fully am aware that if I were to leave them in the sink that teen would do them more often.

So feels good to have gotten my room cleaned even if it was add the odd wee hrs of morning. I came to write to STOP myself from bill paying. Was so tempted to pay the HOA fees. BUT I SWORE I called and set up a payment for my OLD car insurance policy I owed one last payment on


I am wondinering if the agent could not find my account and really faked it!

Not joking here-- Liberty Mutual was my old insurer who sent a bill 33% higher so I was like HELL NO and swiched to AAA Car insurance ( Chubb is the company)/

So I tried to pay the last bill due by logging into the Liberty Mutual account on line and OF COURSE there was no way to pay the bill there. The payment icon gone.

It was weird-
then I couldn't even find my account anymore . It was closed I supposed.

SO I CALLED and the customer service rep ostensibly took my payment, which NEVER was processed/ its been well over a week now. (This was last week) So I don't expect it to randomly show up at this point. I think what happened is it went to collection
as yesterday I got a letter from COLLECTIONS for the bill I thought I had paid last week!

Now of course I don't want to pay the collections bill if they are just dang slow in processing the payment ostensibly made over the phone

Not sure WHAT happened. I honestly didn't take notes of transaction id etc this time. I don't think however the guy even gave me one-
which in hindsight I think the guy honeslty may have just not really taken the payment!
He was friendly and efficient
I sersiously think this customer service dude perhaps figures best to pretend to help people and get them the hell off the phone and move on when he can't find something in thei system rather than have iraate callers! I mean I seriously theorize that was why he was so pleasant. He learned it is not worth his energy..

I swear in hindsight that must be what the dude is doing. Just faking it...

Cause he was so happy sounding and so efficient!

I think it kinda funny in a way .

So I realized I better not pay the HOA fee cause have to call once normal office hrs and inquire AGAIN about that bill I thought paid

Likely it is NOT in their system and I have to pay the collection notice. DAMN That was fast! I mean I sweitched just a month ago!
This is my first month with the new insurer!
They wasted no time in going to collections for one bill!

HOA waits long to do holding off as have to look at all the bills again and prioritize.

GOOD NEWS Is we did get SNAP! And it is freaking amazing how much it is compared to our normal grocery budget. I mean I am pretty frugal so their award of $200 a week for the family is double what I usually spend.

I am grateful for it; especailly with all the food allergies.
Healthier food is more expensive for sure. That is just the way it goes..

AND I was told by the one recruiter I will be getting an offer next week! She said in her voicemail they "Called 2 out of 3 references and will be making an offer"

YEAH the Exec from the company I had been at and the Project Manager I most often supported came through with good references! The PM said "Oh we miss you much!" and I know he was sincere! He now has to write all his SOWs....I helped with those. Honestly I can literally imagine what he would say in a reference and I knew it would be great. Heck the CEO once sent an email "Nice work handling the death star." HA We had some VERY challenging negotiations and that PM was grateful I was the primary point person for handling difficult people! HE could call me in when he lost his patience!

I was so relieved as I had first called my old boss ( a good month or two ago now) and she said "have them call HR"
and I was disappointed. I thought she would have given me a good reference. So waited a couple months until I found this one job I REALLY WANT before reaching out to any other former co workers. It was such a relief when I finally talked to them and the one guy confirmed for me there was absolutely NO preformance issues in my work but on the contrary it was cause I pushed for sound actions that not all the leadership agreed with; and not all the leadership knows how to accept differences of opinion well!
And well, one is known to be a bit impulsive...

YEAH I was the impulsive fire it seems.. View of the Exec I talked to who said no one else was consulted. They were just all TOLD with NO info.

And the whole rest of the leadership team gets it... they know the leader that made that decision gets impuslive.

I get it that they just go with those decisions and create a united front and do the clena up gracefully when they have to.

I still admire all the GOOD traits of that one leader. Heck everyone has strengths and weaknesses. And I admire my boss I direct reported to who was gracious and kind in her transtioning me to the consulant.
Even if she sends me no more work! She may yet! She did for the first two months VERY minimally and then the last email said it was slow.

Will see...

I will reach out to connect and keep in touch and may get more work. Maybe the one who was impulsive with get over it and they will start leveraging me more again but even if they do the fact I don't have the steady hours and 401 K are shitty. Hell they should have really been giving me benefits for how much I ACTUALLY WORKED. BUT I WANTED THE FLEXIBILITY

So I can't complain about that. I did say no to full time...

Ce la vie.

OK My writing quelled the urge to impulsively pay the HOA fees! I swear it is like compulsion to want to pay the bill I see!
WHEW I have to just think of other thngs.

Now I can go back to sleep for a few hours before tackling the rest of the day! I already knocked off a couple things on today's to do!

Oh- and I also got a text from my friend from my older job ( where worked a couple years ago) that said "your third reference check done!They are going to reach out to you soon!" so whoever checked references straight up told my friend that they are making me an offer!

So excited.. This will be a CLIENT of my company! As always I won't talk much about work BUT FOR the talk of job hunting!
Once land enough work to pay bills I won't have to worry about that and then it will be crickets about work. ( HOPEFULLY! Hope no drama!!)

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