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2022-10-16 - 9:46 p.m.

I don't know how I did not know who this is until tonight.

Honestly maybe I heard some of his music thirty or twenty years ago but I have no recollection of it.

I heard a concert tonight with Terence Blanchard and this group

and it was just fantastic.

I mean it was overwhelmingly beautiful and surprising. I had no idea what kind of music the composer was going to play. I just knew there was a celebrated Met Opera performance of his that was touted as him being the first black classical composer to play the Met last year ( from a quick search on social medial).

How the fuck is that possible?:
That the Met didn't fucking have one Black American composer showcased there until last fucking year?

That just astounds me. I was as astounded as when my son was in the first All Black Shakespeare production in NYC.

REALLY As in EVER ? Truly it was the first professional one.

That surprise me, and both is exciting, but also something we Americans should at some level feel a sense of SHAME about. I mean HOW did we have such blocks in the past of accepting contributions from people of color in the arts in certain spaces?

It was pointed out by Terence Blanchard that the performers in his band and the Turtle Island Quartet were truly a microcosm of America. He pointed out in the quartet there was an Italian. a German, A Pole (I think?? I think I forget ?) and a Muslim (which perplexed me as that is a religious descriptor and the other descriptors he used described race.)
The Muslim I presume was the Palestinian man who I happened to have met and chatted with afterwards.

This guy I guess from a google search Naseem Alatrash – cello: . He was so gracious in chatting as I was standing there just blown away by this music in a hall outside the venue and he walked by and I thanked him for incredible show. He mentioned he was from Palestine, and later when he was talking to someone else he said "I was born in Bethleham"

I tried to capture Notes from his comments-
" Look up this composer, who was one of the first to work with a different musical time signature.."
in the 1800s..."

Someone else came to chat with the musician and I stepped away to jot down notes as I could not possibly recall the names of who he told me to listen to
I had mentioned my love of fusion but it was so long ago really listened.... but when he asked what I liked I said "I dont even recall what I used to listen to as far as fusion, but Ornette Coleman, Stravinsky...:
He mentioned Shostakovich
and another composer...maybe it was this Satie? br>Searched to see who played around with musical time signatures etc..
innovatively in 1880s?

Not sure if that is the right composer but going to try to find some Satie and listen.

I mean in College I fell in love with jazz fusion.

I somehow thought I was heading out to a classical concert tonight, not knowing anything about the musicians.

So it was incredible that I got to hear my absolute all time favorite kind of music.

The last time I hear such good live music it was honestly the local musician Steve Zerlin and Leland (what's his name... Japanese last name beginning with M??)
I wish I had a better memory...

So will be listening to some Terrance Blanchard and more of the Turtle String Quartet...
and see if I can find the composer recommended...
before going to bed.

I came home after watching a film today and intended on just making dinner and being home to spend the late afternoon and evening with my kids.

I came home and the kids were ALL just resting! The youngest said "I am napping" and did not want to get up for dinner. She actually fell asleep very quickly... I did cook and came up to see if ANYONE wanted to eat with me.

A 2nd had headphones on chilling in their room and said NO when I asked if wanted to come down to dinner with me.

The third said "I have a headache" when I asked if he wanted to come eat dinner. I commented "Maybe it is from hunger? If a person doesn't eat they will get a headache. OR dehyration as well- that is the #1 cause of headaches,"

I swear this kid has an eating disorder of some sort. The kid does not eat regular healthy meals ...
but also has PAIN from POTs gastrointestinal stuff that makes the kid not want to eat-
because it HURTS. Literally hurts when eats apparently.

This kid had allergy tests and I thought would have food allergies but DID NOT. It was a surprise as I really expected this kid to have something like severe allergies or celiac and turned out this is the ONLY kid WITHOUT severe food allergies!

So I did make a place and just brought it to this one who did not want to come down to the table.
Everyone was tired and wanted to rest just then ( this was around 5 pm)

so I decided I may as well eat my dinner, clean up the kitchen and go head out to the concert which was at 6:30.

So happy I went!
What a gift it was.

This whole weekend was rather marvelous.

I watched a few wonderful films and then it ended with this most amazing FREE Concert. I am so very grateful.

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