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2022-10-17 - 5:59 p.m.

I received the consulting services agreement! Hopefully no issue with the few changes I made. Nothing really big...
so should be no issue.

Just nit picky for a couple items I think should be cleaned up a bit. No issue with their terms

but the pay was not in the contract.

It is very standard in many spaces to have a master services agreement and then statements of work that are executed separately thereunder with the particular terms of each project.
So basically the master terms apply to ALL contracted work ordered under the Agreement

but the statements of work for each unique project clarify details of the project and this is where the pricing is located.

If there are MANY different projects
AND if there are MANY Different resources doing various kinds of work at differing rates of pay that makes sense

BUT for me-
one consultant
doing the kind of work I do
which is consistent in the service I provide

It makes more sense for my rate to be codified UP FRONT in the SERVICES Agreement.

I do not want to be re-negotiating my rate for each project as each work order is executed.

Heck no
I want to know I am being paid per hour for whatever they send me.

To me there is no distinction in the difficulty of the work a I am paid for the TIME it takes!

And I am freaking quick for simple tasks. BUT just because I am FAST does not mean I should not be paid a decent wage.

In other words I need a high rate as I am freaking efficient. If I don't have a high enough rate then I make far less than my worth in the market.


Cause I bill per hour... and am happy to actually bill per minutes... with exact specification.

I am used to that in supporting the govt space.

some gov contracts measure time in SIX minute increments.

no rounding-
you get paid for actual work.

OK so I am excited got the offer and I made some edits ( essentially a counteroffer technically!) So will see if they accept as I requested!
IF So I would be delighted to actaully dig in and start this work.

PERFECT Timing after enjoying the weekend film festival and fabulous concert last night.
I worked the part time job today.

Time for dinner!

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