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2022-10-17 - 7:09 p.m.

Oh my. I just opened the file of a short story I sent out to a competition.

It was pretty awful.

No lie!
Upon reading I immediately edited it heavily.

I had gotten the STORY Down and the story itself is OK as idea, however the writing very unclear. I missed punctuation which made it not only easier to read but makes the choice of words make sense!

Cest la vie.

I feel like my brain works in storytelling mode; writing mode OR in editing mode. They are very different skills. They use different levels of energy and I think different parts of the brain!

Oh well.

I am really tired. I started work at 7AM and after the super packed weekend of volunteering and then watching films I am just exhausted.
I think I am going to change and go to bed super early!

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