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2022-10-19 - 9:21 a.m.

A kid had a dentist appt at 9:30;
I registered to attend the local business association event from 9 to noon.
So my kid was gracious in leaving early- and I dropped her off.

BUT as I pulled in to park on time to arrive (close to 10 after 9?)
I see the organizers pulling their business org signs out of a car
and realize they clearly have not even finished THEIR SET UP.

So if they are not ready to start timely
good indicator better for me to go home and find my BUSINESS CARDS
which for the life of me I could not find at 8:30 AM.
I KNOW where they are. The box of them is in a particular bag I carried last week which is put away as I CLEANED UP in prep for college student roommate.

So came home to find them and also pick up all my paperwork for VEC as I will go there IN PERSON to see what the heck is going on.
I reached someone at the local office and they said they see one problem; the employer never responded to inquiries.
Meaning former employer.
I did not expect them to respond frankly,

I wonder if that is what happened LAST go around! When I got ZERO money after filing properly.

the law is that the employer has a certain amount of time to respond and CONTEST. If they don't respond VEC IS SUPPOSED TO give you the benefits- as it is an uncontested firing.
They can contest if you RESIGNED or if you were fired for some egregious ( typically unethical) cause.

But if not fired for CAUSE or did not resign and you payed into unemployment insurance the insurance is supposed to provide that gap fill of SOME payments to help you get by as job hunt.
I mean I did EVERYTHING correctly.

And twice now ZERO benefit received. This is frustrating.

So I will search for my red bag that is tucked away somewhere which is where I THINK my box of business cards are. I am trying to recall where I went that I wanted to have them to pass out. Maybe when headed to the town to pick up my college kid? To put them out in spaces if saw any appropriate ( coffee shop? Etc?)
Not the laudromat although when there last week I did notice a nice community bulliten board and made a mental note to bring some for there next week when we go to do laundry again.

I LOVE going to a nice laundromat to do laundry and have kids help! IT is SO efficient and everyone pitches in MORE than when we are all doing it at home.

Our tenant is SO LOVELY
We all enjoyed a really nice visit, chit chatting with her. Everyone genuinely LIKES HER.

The kids SOCIALIZE a bit; they are more MINDFUL of keeping the house neater overall; and they do more dishes and laundry when I have a tenant.

I LOVE RENTING out the basement!! IT just kicks up quality of life for me!!

It is funny to me how some are so afraid of sharing their space with a stranger.

There is something interesting and yes a bit odd that we sometimes can be our best selves BEST for strangers.
Yet we can let go of the effort to be our best for our very loved ones of family.

It seems to be a universal challenge.
HONESTLY I have talked to others about this and they agree if someone is coming into their space they kick it up! The effort and energy is found to be welcoming; to have a cleaner more inviting and comfortable space.

I have focused on trying to be HOME MORE and more fully present and to pay attention to the space for my FAMILY and tried to help them have care for their spaces here, and tried to be mindful of taking that time to create peaceful spaces here for me and keep them up. My desk for writing ; my work space, which of course was rearranged countless times to accomodate all the family needs. Now there is one desk for me but it is in the space I found most comfortable that ended up being used most often.

So onto the hunt for business cards and attack this day! The other item on today's TO DO is to straighted out the AAA Car insuance bill. They give a discount for having an on line account. Now on my AAA Acount I added a driver! One of my lovelies in my household. The on line system wont recognize me and let me add a new account as one already EXISTS for our #. I am sure it is the other household driver who set one up! HAVE to call and confirm and get set up as well.

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