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2022-10-19 - 2:54 p.m.

DANG in other news I JUST NOW Got an email from the OLD insurance company that my payment made by phone that never showed up WAS not processed as they could not find the bank account.
The guy on the phone apparently DID take my info.
I had gone through email to find a confirmation email that it the payment was received. BUT apparently there was a mistake. Likely typo.
Heard some # wrong... so once home will manage that AGAIN.

Will call AGAIN to try to pay that bill too.

I have to get car insurance caught up and the water bill and electric then go through ACH and THEN will know what I have left this month. That will go to pay PART of the HOA fees past due. That one I floated the past months.
But have to pay something on that.

The new company who is hiring me sent one ADP email. Waiting for the 2nd to get a password to get set up and hoped that would arrive today!

OK back to the job hunting.
I did apply to a couple full time jobs today.

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