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2022-10-20 - 11:57 a.m.

OMG I just have to keep laughing at this.

To me it is like a cartoon
or an Office episode
in how ludicrious it is:

I again tried to navigate the VEC site. On line does not work. Gives message they can not authenitcate my Identity or computer. Please call the 1-800 #

BUT when called the 1-800# it said I have no further weekly claims.
then tells me to call back to file a BRAND NEW claim
and gives the same #.

When calling the same # at some point get disconnected.

So I call back aGAIN and click the prompt for "Question on your Claim" which is the ONLY WAY To get an EXISTING LIVE PERSON

Miguel, God Bless him, was so very cheerful and PATIENT and kind.

Even though he could not really do a damn thing for me. He could look at my account and confirm status
confirm the facts I already know
that there is notice of the appeal I filed as to the eligibility decision. That when there are TWO opposing determinations "Eligible" and "Ineligible" The Ineligible will of course overrule the other deterimination-
and until that appeal is reviewed by a hearing

The case is "pending" with no action- no payment possible as of yet."

AND he also confirmed that
it was the cut off date to file weekly claims on the existing claim opened already. It had CLOSED on Friday
So when I got a PERSON on the phone last Friday She SHOULD have helped me take my info rather than instructing me to go to my local VEC office to just start the process of filing a new claim.

The 28 ( not 21- 28 Days * Aside this is why I failed the BAR exam. I never could remember those numbers. I got them wrong EVERY TIME for every statute of limitations on things appeals; filings of any sort...etc... on that multistate I have a knack for just getting it flat out WRONG like EVERY TIME they have a *DATA POINT as an answer for a question. Beacuse with my own disabilities I have a hell of a time recalling numbers.
That as a testing point worth actual points (I mean weighed somewhat heavilily on the multistate to be frank. Something like 20 points based on MEMORIZATION of such data points; I found inherently stupid as when you WORK IN A CERTAIN AREA OF THE freaking 20 possible areas of law the first thing you are going to do is freaking learn the current DATES and INGRAIN THEM IN YOUR HEAD or ON your CALENDAR. I mean it is fundamental. You LOOK THEM UP when working on a matter the moment you pick up a matter. NOW I laugh as of course with my own handling of unemployment insurance I of course SHOULD have also looked up that deadline. I did not simply as am freaking DILIGENT in filing my claim EVERY FREAKING WEEK just as am diligent in job hunting EVERY freaking week and in business development actions EVERY FREAKING WEEK.

I have to vent over this as it is so baffling to me that the window to get paperwork in is so short as many are completely overwealmed and need help to get paperwork done. It is not an EASY skill for most.

HONESTLY I think one policy change would be to change those dates from 21 or 28 to 60 DAYS

I mean giving people a bit more time is not going to suddenly flood any system with more claims. In fact it would DECREASE the number of NEW claims ( ARTIFICIAL NEW CLAIMS) as the current process mandates if you miss the 21 days you have to file a whole freaking new claim.
It is stupid
not user friendly
I will say it again

So back to Miguel-
who I call out as had outstanding customer service and was honest and did not beat around the bush.

The lady at the local office was likewise kind. But I failed to ask her for the help in filing my weekly claim and wanted to focus on job hunting for this week. (Simply made sense as when I DO get in any system or get help needed I wanted to have THIS WEEKS applications in so I can report them ! Made more sense to job hunt yesterday and then go back at it today from home and if no luck will drive back TOMORROW and ask for help SPECIFICALLY with opening a NEW Claim for the prior three weeks since can't report those weekly job hunting activities on the one that apparently was CLOSED as of the 15th!
OH yeah- that was what Miguel said. Last Friday was the last day to file the weekly claim info as the week of the 17th is the last week my claim went through. The system bumped me when I tried the week of 24th on the phone. I got through MOST of the questions then got disconnected.
* I still recall the question that disconnected. "Did you receive any money from a retirement fund?"
YES I did
That was the week I caved and took a big hit on my plummeted IRA further by sale of $2000 worth of stock to convert to cash so I could withdraw cash to pay my mortgage.

At the loss of increase of taxes to pay; and pulled out of the market when the value was 30% down from last year.
BUT knowing I had that asset to rely on makes me really feel blessed to be honest.
It is why when the lady upset and worried about her WATER having a shut off notice who was beside herself not knowing what to do next in my mind really did NEED the VEC help more than me yesterday.

I had family help me this month. The LOAN repayment from them really has to be paid back by APRIL. That is when THEY have to pay the IRS taxes due.
I just hope LAST YEAR'S TAX RETURN is finally processed.

Hey I read a random story that popped up today of the time Tyler Perry was audited by the IRS and they realized that the IRS OWED HIM $9 million BACK that he overpaid.

The IRS should freaking get to my tax return from last year EVENTUALLY.
I hope before April when I need to pay back the family loans! OR I hope the unemployment claims get processed and reviewed and approved by then at least!

I think with my tenant and the part time work I might be able to avoid disaster a couple more months. The bill collectors are calling on the piling up medical bills. Those will EVENTUALLY all get paid off once that money comes in. As Long as I can keep paying the mortgage and the utlities until then- we are good.
The main provider will still see the family until I can pay.
I pitched her yesterday to see if she needs contract managment help. She seemed legit interested! She HATES negotiations with the insurance companies and said "I am awful at that! " and seemed excited at the prospect of getting some help.
I gave her my business card.

But back to Migeul's tranparency.
" The VEC site is down, so everyone gets rerouted and then you get the message to call the 1800 #. But if it disconnects just try again. It is so flooded with calls there are more than the queue can handle. So just try to call back. My advise is call immediately when opened at 8am so you get in queue early.
Press #2 to start a new claim."


OK- tried that. Will try again; and again; and again;
and if no luck drive back to the local office and ask the same lady to help me start a new claim.
and if she is flummoxxed
well at least it was a nice space for job hunting.

It is a nice Workforce Development Center!

I was entertained by the Mayor last time. Maybe it will at least be interesting as I job hunt again.

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