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2022-10-21 - 10:10 a.m.

Poor Person Tip of the Day:

When you make coffee, many know that you can take the grounds and throw them in your plants to add nutrients.


How many ever add additional water to make MORE coffee to the pot when someone wants more?

MIND blowing and life changing for me! HA HA

This is a tip from my one bro who worked in restaraunts for years.

I was surprised when I saw him do this years ago when family were all visiting my parents. The pot ran out of coffee and he quitely just added more water-
and the cup of coffee made was good!

I was kinda blown away. HA HA

I mean simple thing but it never would have occurred to me to stretch the grounds.

I am low on coffee and realize that as we kinda like it dark we use ALOT Of grpunds per cup for nice rich full flavor one kid likes. I like it dark but not as dark as the one kid here.

So figured why not try it this AM. I just added water to the pot of grounds from yesterday
and no exaggeration
this cup of coffee this AM is delicious!

I had picked up some Tim Horton's coffee as was delighted to find it at my local supermarket! GREAT ADD from whoever is their buyer! I suppose having really good coffee to start helps if going to strech it!
IT is such good coffee and makes me happy as of course reminds me of being in Buffalo. Tim Horton is an icon in the Toronto area and there. There are stories told; like local lore of an icon! (HA HA) ; and Tim Horton's coffee and donuts are a regional thing; and the downtown Tim Hortons in Buffalo has his memorabilia on the walls. Years ago ( six now?) early on in my relationship with Buffalo guy I brought the whole family to Buffalo for some weekend thing of one of the older kids who lived there. OH YEAH Both my older kids and my son's then girlfriend and oldest's partner were ALL living in Buffalo for that summer and working on this incredible theater/art production.
Three out of four were performing in the show; the partner of my oldest was the costume designer! He lived there for a while and while there got into the designers union and the next job he had was Disney Lion King when on tour at Sheas in Buffalo dressin the actors, then he met someone there who turned down a movie costuming job and referred him and he go it...
This is a total aside as I thought of him as we were setting up a display of HATS for sale and wigs at our local theater costume sale. AS I was there after doing that I made and Instagram that said "Hats for Sale" with a lovely pic; then thought of him

as he is a HAT MAKER
and went on to do amazing work with a few Opera Houses, including the MET and its so fun to watch the career of the young friends of my oldest two as so many of them are in the arts just KILLING IT!
It was fun to sit there as we were manning the costume sale with the costume designer for our little arts org ( herself amazing; who has had an amazing career running her own theater company. Her mom was in Chicago theater and ran a really well known dress shop for years!); as I KNEW this lady who I do like very much would appreachite the images. She did and we scolled and saw his recent years impressive work!

So anyway; the Tim Horton's coffee just makes me so happy! The kids here recalled our Buffalo trip and how my Buffalo guy met us there. My family and I stayed at a great hotel I got for a steal on Priceline. ( I swear by it! If you start VERY NARROW in search of only wanting 5 star hotels you NEVER get one right away but once you "broaden" your search will land one. Key is to not be too broad- but broaden only to 4 or 3.5 star and in the VERY narrow city neighborhood you want and honestly almost will ALWAYS land a SUPER NICE hotel in the nice part of whatever city you go to! I have NEVER had a fail with Priceline which I can not now day for AirBNB when traveling to cities!)

I don;t think I evern wrote about my trip to the city my oldest lives in here. I did travel to see them about a year ago to go to a reading my kid was doing. The reading was incredible ( I think it was last FEB actually) BUT the AirBnB was totally SKETCHY

I always scope a place out before I go in.

I arrived late at night. I walked and looked inside and saw the place freaking EMPTY but then saw the proprietor and one guy come into the kitchen which was sparse and empty- and open one cabinet and pull out one liquor bottle and two glasses and I was like
"Hell no" I am not going into there....

Not with two dudes driking and no one else; arriving at night.

So I walked down the block to go back to my car and an Uber stopped to drop off a bunch of 20 somethings returning home from being out; young and dressed for clubbing and slightly tipsy/drunk and I just asked them if they had any info on the AirBnB if it seemed at all legit
and they said
"Oh word is the owner is a dealer. Not alot of people stay there but there is alot of in and out."

and I was like "Thanks for the info! " and called my kid and was happy she was very welcoming of me to come crash at her apt for the night.

I am just lazing about a bit this AM. I thought my college student was going to leave this AM but she just said getting picked up later. Good to spend more time with her.

She has turned out to be a very good roommate! FOR REAL

It is really nice to hear that this year this kid is not so Covid fearful of interacting with others as last year. Her on campus experience is much more normal. They all had to be vaccinated to be on campus. I am so thrilled the school she goes too was very serious about that and it really helped the comfort level of the students there. She has more friends! That was apparent just in the ride back home as she was texting college friends and talking of how her friend group navigates the VERY NORMAL college life issues.

It was so freaking great to hear.
Normal stuff of college students navigating socially getting along in shared living space, setting boundaries and managing differernt lifestyle choices.

My kid has a solid head on shoulders. It was also nice to hear her talk of HER student teaching experience as she too,like the one that just graduated and is teaching now; is getting an education degree. This week this kid took the Praxis and rocked it!

This kid is smart! In fact we had a conflict as one kid scheduled a dr appt they needed me to drive them to. then college student came home and needed a ride to the library for the Praxis and then to a Dr. appt made.

HEck I had three medical and the Praxis exam to get kids to yesterday. YUP three differnent medical appoitnments, and two different pharmacy runs.
But it worked out as:
I said "Won't cancel any- trust me this kid is smart. Its a three hr exam but she will be done by 2.5 hrs."

No kidding I was exactly correct in that assumption. I showed up early to pick the kid up and she just finished and was proud was done 30 min early! I was pleased as there was a dr appt to get a sibling to!

So it was a productive day.

But alot of running around. I didn't even have time to log in to get set up with my new client until late.
Which was great as the company is on the WEST COAST so it was really still afternoon there!


I love that they are on the West Coast!
I can get family medical appointments etc done THEN log in to get work done.
I think this is going to work really well for me..

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