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2022-10-21 - 8:45 p.m.

I really am put off by this BS

A PREDICTIVE INDEX personality indicator to predict the right fit for the right job based on how one sees themself.

This seems like such BS to me.

Data driven measures to evaluate job hires before even meeting candidates?
one con
This strikes me as the shit Nazi Germany was doing.

Don't folks understand the HARM of this? The dehumanizing and devaluing traits that are valueble and skills and PEOPLE who are valuable even though they don't necessarily have all the top notch skills you would prefer??

I am so turned off by this.

I completed a job application much earlier in the evening and noticed the window disappeared on me- and I was not sure if it went through or not.

I was shutting down the computer and closing windows and FOUND IT-the application apparently HAD NOT been finalized and submitted.

I figured "OK will submit it now"

I pretty much KNEW something happened as I checked my email and did not see one confirming reciept.

So after submission a window pops up instructing to complete this behavioral eval thing.

I did it anyway

But had I known they were going to ask for this bullshit to be honest I would have up FRONT Asked for 10K more fucking money than I had put down.

JUST for the aggrevation and fucking nerve of their shitty hiring process.
I mean it makes me seriously not interested in the job

I get so turned off by companies that are ableist and do shit like this.

It riles me up.

Those behavioral analysis tools are awful.

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