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2022-10-25 - 9:00 a.m.

OH one last thing to capture. If I write it down I won't forget it.
I think perhaps I was BUMPED from the VEC system as when I intially tried to file my weekly claim for week ending 9/24 BACK in September
I think I accidentally incorrectly answered a question WRONG.
but the thing is I was BUMPED from the system.

IMMEDIATELY knocked out.

I think the system was designed to do that. A fucking CRAPPY DESIGN NOT USER FRIEDNLY
BUT Designed for a risk which is so fucking low-
I mean not even a realistic FEAR

But a system designed on FEAR Of people trying to get some benefit not deserved; not entitled to.

I realize in hindsight
that it was the question
"Did you receive any disbursement from a 401K"
that when I initally started that weekly claim I think I incorrectly typed 1 for YES.

Well I did not at that time realize the distinction between and employer funded 401 being a retirement fund one can not draw from and still remain eligible to receive unemployment Cause for some fucked up reason if draw from that it is seen as akin to earned income .(WTF the tax deferrement is gone; then earned income. REALLY?? YES Really as if pull from a 401 K as it was funded by money you earned WORKING but have not yet paid tax on- the minute you pull it out it is then active INCOME and taxable and also accounted for as money earned from work in the week the disbursement pulled!)

Well I pulled from my IRA! Which is distinctly differnt. Because the IRA was SELF funded from money that when received was considered income and already taxed; it is not reportable as taxable income when pull it out- If pull out a certain amount to pay for certain necessities- such as medical insurance co payments.

Which fuck
considering that is what I have to pay with that freaking money earmarked for that which is still sitting in my account the past month. (Not sure why the damn payment of the medical insurance co pay was not able to go through. That is truly fucked up too as its been coming direct ACH from my same bank account since Jan. Nothing changed with that payment! The dental insurance was purchased LATER and it was using a different payment method- a credit card actually for that monthly payment which at some point go maxxed. They wasted NO TIME in dropping our dental insurance for non payment when that did not go through).

So I think it was in fact my own user error that go me bumped from the VEC system to begin with
BASED ON SHITTY system design.

If I am right they really need to fix that ,As they really need to have a conversation to find out what is what with folks and not make assumptions of someone not being eligible for benefits.
I mean I am rather well educated and I STILL - having even studied this stuff and having even worked in the financial sector a bit, even KNOWING this

just forgot when faced with that question the nuances of difference between IRA and 401K for purposes of the question. I did not freaking know off the top of my head. I knew I pulled money and was trying to be honest and transparent. I never knew WHY IRAs were recommended ( but for the tax benefit). I did not know they are OK to draw from without affecting unemployment insurance payments whereas a 401 K is NOT OK to draw from in relation to how it affects unemployment insurance payments.

So as an AVG USER in fact based on my education I would be an ABOVE AVG educated user- in fact a HIGHLY EDUCATED USER

likely akin to the Winchester Mayor
ALSO I am going to guess a smart well educated man

who needed help navigating a system he was testing out

it is a freaking POORLY Designed system if I make a user error that would be COMMON and ALL TOO EASY To make as client/consumer of the VEC system
that results in completely bumping me from eligibility and closes my claim immediately!

AWFUL System design creates AWFUL Customer service..

When you build a system to care more about your own risk to the point of managing even the smallest risk
IT BECOMES USER UNFRIENDLY and has so many constraints/blocks to usability
that you essentialy disable your own system from being functional.

I would put money on that being the heart of the matter of the problems with VEC.

Similar to many other onerous processess/systems.

AWFUL understanding of sound risk mitigation practices. OVERKILL and SO risk adverse and prioritizing absolutley the WRONG things.

The risk one shoud NOT take is risk of a shitty system!

That is in fact the biggest risk to smooth operations and reputation, esentially biggest risk to any integrety of an organization. Does the org fulfill the mission it is set out to achieve?

Is it fullfilling its PURPOSE?

If not the org has a serious integrity problem.

Is the VEC actually HELPING PEOPLE? With 60% of users having access issues I would say overall this is a massive failure.

I am just one example of a freaking hard working Virginian still looking for a job who is not yet sure how I am going to pay my mortgage this coming month. I expected VEC to provide meaningful help in a gap fill. It is just so very disappointing. You should design a system to prevent ACTUAL Fraud ( like hackers!!) but you should not design with the assumption of lack of trust of EVERY User!!

Its like there again is this classist and abelist and discrimatory view from the system designers themselves that has seriously disabled the VEC ability to meet their mission goals.

Because they don't trust the average Virginian who has lost their job.

The unemployed are assumed to be poor and the poor are assumed to be criminal, untrustworthy. These assumptions are so clear in how often one is reminded it is fraud and fraud is punishable if you answer questions wrong. Amazing to me.

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