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2022-10-25 - 12:46 p.m.

OOPS Just called my credit card company to see if there was any available credit.
The first thing heard was
"Would you like to inquire about an increase to your credit?"

Hell no

I do not want to overextend obligations and borrow more than need!

BUT then listened to what was available and it was NEGATIVE $200 something...

I just used that credit card to make a partial payment on my kid's one medical bill.

That is the LabCorp Bill not yet paid which is in dispute as it is the subject of the Office of Civil Rights case of denial of service based on sexual identity.

YEAH the Office of Civil Rights opened the case.

Cause it was REALLY obviously discimination and a violation of civil rights to deny my kids bloodwork on basis of
"We don't cover that diagnosis"
when the diagnosis on the blood work order was "Gender Dysphoria".

I am grateful this particular credit card DOES pay the charges that are slightly over limit.
I mean I have put gas in my car with this card and it goes through.

The $10 partial payment on the disputed account to just avoid it from going to collection will also go through.

I just paid a small amt on all three other medical bills as well. I just so hope I did not FORGET about some check written and mailed out last week, I mailed something out and am rather sure it did not hit the account yet-

Rather I hope when it DOES clear it is AFTER the next payment and direct deposit from my part time job!

Cause for the life of me I can't recall what it was that was mailed out. It was something I was avoiding a service fee if paid on line.


and I STILL have to figure out what is going on with the health insurance payment. That has to be paid ASAP before Anthem drops us. They were quick to drop the dental so I know they are not going to be patient.

OK that is the LAST bill pay task of the day then done with this task!
It took a while to take care of those. Just reviewing all the paperwork of bills and making calls and talking to customer service folks and navigating their on line systems. I find it tiring! REALLY

Its only 1pm and I am getting sleepy!

Once this last task done a nice walk with Bella Trix will be great. I also hope to get the teen motivated to FINISH The bedroom painting task. It is SO CLOSE to being done!
I asked if she wanted to work together to knock it off today and she said "No."

I asked if I could do it for her and she said "If you don't touch ANYTHING"

I commented I would have to put down plasic and tape of course.
She said "No! Don't put down plastic"
I don't understand her objection to moving anything, I just said "I have to as would get paint everywhere otherwise!"

Will see if this project gets DONE Today. That is really the goal ...

heck i literally just doxed and had a few min nap.
ONe of those unintended, unconfrolled microsleeps
the kind that can only happen when working on paperwork!

The kind that used to happen regularly when had the full time desk job and it was a bit harder to walk around and get my circuation going.

I am going to nap a litte. Then have at it again as far as final bill and job hunting...

I hate not having buffer when pay bills.
I hope each time there is not SOMETHING I forgot about!

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