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2022-10-26 - 2:12 p.m.

I find it so stressfull when answereing those VEC weekly Claim Questions.

Mainly as they need alot of info and it is important to accurately input the data they ask for- but it is challenging to toggle between screens to confirm the data points QUICKLY enough to not get hung up on.

That is my challenge.
I was flummoxxed when they asked the number of contacts made-
as did not want to include the SAME contacts ( same companies) as the ones I included for the prior week ( even if I was in contact with the same contacts persuing a particular job for a FEW weeks.)
I just feel like less confusing to each week list NEW contacts.

Maybe its not?
Maybe that is my perfectionist thing to prove I am really trying hard?

Anyway, it is that question of how many contracts I get flustered on- beacuase SURE I am lying when say two as it is ALWAYS MORE and I am trying to figure out "do I say two or three"?
And trying to QUICKLY SCAN My email and see what emails I have dated that week for evidence - while also toggling to see what history of job applications applied to on Career Builder lists, or/and ( both of which have a nice feature to easily see where applied)....

and I get confused at the same time panicky when the emails I see FIRST are the same ones from companies I already listed for the PRIOR week claim! ( Why that stresses me IDK! ITs really stupid to stress over. I mean I techinically COULD list the samn damn contacts. TOTALLY FINE AND VALID
ESPECIALLY As the week I was filing for TODAY is one in which I had TWO panel interviews-
one for a job for which it was the third freaking interview.

I think the guy hiring did not like me as when he asked "How do you build your brand"
I pretty much insulted him
Not meaning to
and I visibly and audibly was likely so flippantly critical of the question when I said , proably all too condescendingly with a laugh
"I really don't believe in that. I believe in focusing on actually doing quality work and then your reputation is build based on performance."

Which is a STUPID answer from someone who started their own company and OUTSOURCED to hire an expert for a branding package!

I should have said "Oh I hired an expert for that. NOt my thing so outsource what you are not good at."
That would have been a better answer. I could have played along and given some BS about the ROI in leveraging social media; Linked IN etc.. how Linked IN got me my jobs and leads... blah blah blah

I just suck at BS.
I hate it.

NOT good at that at all. Which is honestly not actually a limitation in my work, because in my role cutting through BS is actually MORE valuable to get through the nonsese and focus on what actually really matters.

JUst thought of that as I never heard further from that place intervewed three times at!

So the filing is done for the week ending oct 1. Getting closer to being caught up. Using their VEC phone system you have to wait for the week entered info in to be processed and entered in the system overnight it seems before it re-sets and allows the NEXT weeks claim to be filed. Therefore I can call tomorrow for the claim filing for 2nd week of October.

I spent this morning at my Dr. appt and then came home to get some job hunting done. ( surprise...)

There were really not many good new postings today. That happens sometimes where when I scroll and look the only postings I find are for jobs NOT SENIOR and paying enough. ( I am still holding out for what I know I am worth in this market! Seriously- the JD and experience and my certification do add value and some know that) AND Avoiding a long commute. But there are honestly so many places LOCALLY that do the work I support that I am sure I will find that good job locally ( within a 30 min drive) EVENTUALLY.

I am a firm believe in not settling.
I still wonder if the former co workers that were all let go from the one company I worked at that did that big pruning ARE HAPPY with the jobs they landed in the short time frame- as in weeks, of being let go. I mean it seemed most of them just got the first job they could find and MOST took what appears to be a demotion of some sort.

I can understand taking a demotion after some time looking for a lateral move. But I did not understand doing that within weeks of leaving your job! I spoke with a couple of those really nice people , and honestly a couple were just so pancicked at not working!
I guess I just have greater confidence that this gap is in fact not a bad thing overall. I mean it is a HARD thing for sure; but at some level truth be told I am appreachiating the SLOWING DOWN that being unemployed requires.
I mean everythign from the VEC to job hunting is really a SLOW process. IT requires patience. It requires not being rushed and not having ANY Sense of URGENCY because both processes take inordinate time and patience.

As long as SOMEHOW our bills are paid I will not panic.
Each month it comes together and I am trying to enjoy this time home to do what I need to then be able to NAP or READ A BOOK or VOLUNTEER or COOK WITH MY KIDS.

Adjustment for sure for even my own system! But the rest I am getting is definately MORE than when working full time so I apprechiate that.
A nap and dog walk now on my agenda ! : )

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