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2022-10-29 - 5:09 a.m.

In a dream I wrote a poem.

In the dream I thought it was pretty good and should recall it upon waking to write down.

In the dream I thought it,and repeated it in hopes of recalling it later

and in the dream I did not wake up to write it

and in reality I then awoke and recalled the dream. I recalled the FEELINGS evoked in the poem
but just by feeling them
and not in words

and I recalled the pride of thinknig "This is pretty good!"


It was sorta a love poem

But not
An acceptance poem of love not being what we dream it is
but content with the love as it is

I think?
I think it perhaps was an anti love poem?

Recognizing one is not in love?

I just would so enjoy if one day when I have some words capture the feelings that upon waking I recall them.

(I mean in a poetic sense. That seriously only happens in a dream state I think for me; or in a state of flow sometimes after walking or running
after something mediatative

Message of the dream:
Don't chase and pine over what has not materialized
when the idea
has evaporated

Cherish that which is

That's the real little poem.

So what if it is not as wonderful as the ryhyme I dreamed and wished it could be

It is still kinda nice

Some seem to pine and be sad about that which they can't capture and keep grasping for the etheral that can't be held
the imagined
which doesn't exist
but for in their imagination
which somtimes does not want to be accessed in this real

Or is it the inverted as Marianne Williamson says that this is the dream and those moments are the few tapped into actual reality?
Possibly as it was of love
the love poem that so captured essense of the feeling of acceptance of love as simple being profoud
and the simple being enough

Presence being enough
but absesnce not necessarily indcates less
or lack
I mean in absense once there is love can there ever realllt be less of it?
It lingers
doesnt' dissappate just bacause the beloved is not near
Love itself is a palpable thing not reliant on form, on constraints of the physical
it is its own entity
and trancends

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