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2022-10-31 - 4:41 p.m.

OOPS Overzealous ADHD moment of not reading correctly.

I looked at my on line bank account and was OVERJOYED to see IRS deposit

Even though it is $5K less than expected (based on my calulations and the tax return I filed)
IT STILL was a deposit for a good amount!
I got so excited at being able to buy the glasses for my 18 yr old.
That I immediately called the Eye Dr to place that order (as they were holding it for 30 days from the Dr. Appointment where she tried them on and picked her frames.)

OOPS the Deposit is "pending" and ALSO DATED NOV 2.

Really? NOV 2?

I just hope that that deposit clears before the transaction. ( Not likely)

and I don't have DUMB Cost of ADHD moment of not reading carefully and impusive bill paying.
I swear some ADHD folks are impulsive shoppers.... drinkers... etc... other vices...

I am a compulsive bill payer for essentials.
I HATE Past due bills.

I get a bill in and want to pay in full IMMEDIATELY.

So when finances are tight I have to be mindful to hold off and be sure money is there and I don't screw up.

But sometimes I fail.

YES that was an emotionally driven impulsive buy today.


AHH I AM IN LUCK!!! The Eye Dr called back as the transaction was declined! (YEAH!!)

I knew it was too late to tell them NOT to process it-
as they already tried.

BUT SO HAPPY it did not go through. That is the best scenario.

No issue!!

I will call back in a couple days.

I am just so relieved that my tax refund was finally processed.

Not delighted it is $5 K less than my calculations but that is likely as the one kid who was claimed by Dad who has lived here primarily perhaps was not included in the return. They likely adjusted it and are I expect will get a letter with the adjustment. ( For the last three years actually! THat is the kicker- its not like it was the first year she moved here. It was actually THREE YEARS ago she moved here~) That would explain the differerence. I had expected them to send him a letter to requesting an amended return.
MAYBE the IRS doesn't bother investigating issues when its a kid misfiled. They likely don't have freaking time for that BS
Simply as they are REALLY CLEAR that they DO NOT Want letters alleging fraud filed if it is the other parent.
I suppose that is their policy based on the fact that somehow this is such a commonly known Bullshit move selfish parents make
that some how the IRS policy is
If you chose to marry the fucker
well its on you the Grief from the fucking choice you made..
you are after all the one who then fucked
so screw you
its your problem and we are not tying up our overburdened resources on your freaking inability as adults to work out your shit

Cause I mean if you were played by a narcissist

Its your own damn fault for playing the fool

*Sorta like Victim BLAIMING
where it is not a CRIME of rape if you chose to go somewhere with the wrong guy

I am just speculating this is the attitude

Fraud from any other entity
just like violence from any other entity /circumstance is taken seriously

BUT Fraud and DOMESTIC Violence in FAMILIES; in MARRIAGES or former marriages
Is just something over governements ( fed or local) want to get involved in.

That is my guess

I mean I am thinking GOOD LUCK getting the refund for the kid who really lives with me who has a selfish father who is so damn petty he won't even pay for his kid's eyeglasses cause he thinks having his kid on his health insurance is some great gift which negates any other possible considerations of supporting his kid's needs.

OK I feel better to have ranted.

I just don't get it at all.

And now I am looking at the stunningly beautiful red tree which I have a view of from my window as I sit in my favorite chair. Even though it is misty and rain is coming down it is still a lovely view.

And I still feel blessed.

I enjoyed working at the retirement community where a few staff did dress up (including me). The real highlight was the nursing staff director brought in this amazing spread of homemade dishes to thank her nursing staff and is was marvelous! She kindly invited me to join them on my lunch break.

This weekend there had been a wedding somewhere and the flowers were dropped off afterwards for the community to enjoy. I had gotten the call from a lady who is a wedding planner one day when I worked recently and she asked if we wanted them and I said sure! It was a LARGE Wedding and there were dozens of lovely flower arrangements with brown and tan and maroon Fall colors along with some white and these unique brown silky roses. Some popping zinnia and Mums and Daliahs in these amazing tans and browns you don't always see in flowers. So unique! The residents were thrilled when I went in the dining room and announced anyone who wanted a bouquet could take one for their apartment. Many of the ladies picked up on. Next it was for staff to help themselves!

When I left there were still plenty there decorating the community. The Funny thing is this morning I received another call from ANOTHER person about flowers from a wedding and I turned them down saying "Normally we would be thrilled but we just received alot from another wedding so today best send those elsewhere."

After a couple hours I wished I had not turned them down as the staff were so thrilled and the bouquets were disappearing quickly!
There were still enough to accent and look lovely!

BUT honestly I bet we could have easily absorbed the rest and passed them off to the staff as well. Cause that was only the first shift and there would be 2nd, then night shift coming it. I learned to never turn down flowers! YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FLOWERS!

The afternoon shift there has fun giving out candy every year. Unfortunately with the rain there may not be as many trick or treaters as usual.

I have a lovely floral arrangement on the end table next to this favorite chair of mine. It is in a white creamic pumkin. I am looking at it now to see why it is so unique and differnent. First of all it smells wonderful! I just realized it is SAGE that is the greenery , interspersed , and the maroon and gold centered zinnia and deep marronish brownish red mums (or daliah- large heads of flowers- mum like) are accented with dried rust colored leafy fronds with a nice sheen. The two white roses just pop against the Fall colors. Some small flowers I have no clue what they are accent with green and tan. They have one bulbous round shape on a stalk but each single flower is made up of what look like tiny flowers all together to make the one. Really lovely.
The lady who brought in the flowers just arranged all the displays along with lots of small pumpkins that were yellow and white. I mean it was not only the flowers but the whole georgous display from each table of a very large wedding that we had brough to us!
I mean you know when you go to a wedding and everyone is offered to bring home the displays on the table afterwards?

I kinda am guessing that if you go to a REALLY LUSH , I mean SUPER FANCY wedding of some RICH folks that there may be different social protocol that the normal REST OF WORLD!
I mean I have seen many tell guests to take the centerpiece but just imagine some fancy wedding for wealty where that would be unheard of and considered rude.

Made me think of ettiqutte.
I am sure it should be obvious it would be RUDE to ASK for the table centerpiece! HA But I know it is a thing now that the centerpieces are offered after events that people somehow have gotten more bold than in past it seems to me. I heard today of someone who went to a wedding where the table decor was all BORROWED from a florist! The tables were adorned with poinsettas that had to be returned to a friend's nursery and it was a bit of a stressor when some guests were taking them and the bride and groom had to go ask folks NOT to take them!

Totally random sorta but found this really good video on wedding etiquette. Might be helpful for someone! I recently heard a hilarious story ( but not to the bride and groom!) of the nightmare step-mother in law of the new bride who wore WHITE to the wedding.
The kicker is the step-mother in law was the relatively new YOUNGER upgrade wife of the hubby's father who ditched his mother then remarried a gal 25 yrs younger than him! So the step mom was about the same age as the bride!
While not a wedding dress her stylish white dress was completely innappropriate and attetion seeking! HILARIOUS to hear the story....
but how mortifying for that poor GROOM ! (I am thinking less embarassing for the bride honestly!)

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