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2022-10-30 - 5:43 p.m.

OOPS Sunday adternoon entry written about my wwekend but did not post then ( in part as don't like to write of location 🤔 Maybe silly? Even though never thst particular about identity or location abd even though it's a moot point as if someone WANTS to find someone in this day and age it is easier than ever with all our digital breadcrumbs and other footprints! Which is why I ASSUME anyone without such is either CIA ( ha) or nefarious criminal ( ha ha ..)

So Sunday's musings:

I just enjoyed doing my laundry at the laundromat actually. Mainly cause there is a little food spot right next to it with really good Central Americsn food so cheap! I treated myself to a pupusa and even hesitated in ordering a drink ( drinks are often expensive in restaurants!) Then the bill came and it was all of $4.54

That was with side of homemade slaw nicely seasoned!

My teens did not come help do laundry! They missed out for sure. One was asleep and the other disappointed me by saying no cause tired. Ridiculous excuse as truth is the kid was playing video games so looks very much like avoidant escapism through addictive behavior to me. Heck could be worse.

I just don't understand saying no to a parent request to do simple chores that are part of the family responsibility. I mean I get it if have a parent that always is imposing chores in a controlling manner but I don't ask for much. The thing is I asked my kid to commit to when the would then go. I can take no today if the kid would commit to coming with me tomorrow or Tue. I asked " So when do you want to go? "

But the kid would not commit. So I decided this one time to go do it myself. The other kid helped last time so I basically said My expectation is they both will regularly be responsible to come with me to the laundromat. I don't care if they both come every time or they alternate and take turns.

But today is the day I have free and it's a beautiful day so I just proceeded to get it done. Truth us I enjoyed it
But am just worried my kids behavior is not good for my kid! And wish could help this kid be more enthusiastic about doing anything.

I am chilling with a glass of white wine at NY friend's. I stopped by as brought my DC lover/ date here to see my stomping grounds the other day abd he did not feel well and had a weird moment of offetingbto buy a bottle of wine to share with a couple of folks here who were friends ( and customers) of my friend. They clearly were here enjoying some wine. Now I come yo pick up eggs and once in a while have a glass of the white I like.

Now it's a funny thing as I ALWAYS buy my eggs here ( except when money is tight! Then I get them cheaper at the store) but about 1/2 the time I stop by I don't have a glass of wine. My DC lover/ friend had been getting over a cold so I really did not expect him to want to drink! He also said something about intending to be sober about a month or so ago. He said he did not want to drink.

So it was really weird to me when the winery friend asked if we wanted a glass of wine that he said yes. I first said no then looked at him and he Saud "Sure"
And I was surprised and said " Oh I assumed with the cold you would not want to drink"

He said would have one. I then said would enjoy a glass with him.
So we enjoyed a glass of white wine and as always met lovely folks there who have become friends of the owner. It was nice to visit a hour or so and although not sure my two friends had time to really engage and talk at all
My DC guy said he liked both the winery and my friend the owner which was nice.

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