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2022-11-02 - 8:07 p.m.

Did I write about the plumber coming? Nice kid
Swear he is fresh out of a technical school program. Young
Did his best...
He showed up and did not have a pressure gauge to measure the water pressure in my house from fixtures.

Considering the primary issue of concern was water pressure and the water heater temp

So I was worried that was broken somehow- a guage needing repair

that made little sense to have a plumber show up and not really look at my water heater. ( He did not)

I opened a repair order on line clicking LEAK and related damage for the leak in my ceiling from the water from my tub and then called IMMEDIATELY
to talk to AFS and tell them

I clicked LEAK but then the ticket did not allow me to click another issue on the same ticket
BUT really the issue I think is all related to a pressure issue which I suspect is stressing and caused a leak from ceiling ( wanted them to check seals of pipes) and weird pressure fluctuations of the toilets upstairs so they were not flushing properly.

So the plumber looked at the toilets and he thought they seemed fine. I said OK, just fix the leak
and he then looked at the ceiling and said the pipes looked good All looked dry ( I had not used the tub or my bathroom in two days)
and then after I filled and drained the tub the leak was apparent and he said it was a bad seal on my drain
and he applied some plumbers putty to reinforce that drain.

He had looked at my water heater and noted there was a bit of leaking from that

he said "you may want to have the water heater replaced"

and dumb me I should have pushed then.

I mean the INITIAL call I made was to check the water heater to see if any pressure problem which I thought caused the other items to leak


I was in listening mode processing and trying to understand what the plumber said
I was assuming he actually had some knowledge to share as he was looking at the valve on the main water line. ( And YES I WAS NOT THINKING... ADHD distraction ... I was listening. Its like I can only listen and process one thing and the other thing- the water heater issue - was not on my mind as he was explaining the valve on the main line looked like it was installed in an odd spot with the pressure regulator. He went into some critique
and now I think it was distracting to me from the fact he never looked at the MAIN THING I wanted him to check. I asked him with specificity to check the water pressure in the house and he said he did not have a gauge. That seemed odd to me- irresponsible for the company to send someone without one when that is the main issue reported to be suspect as the primary problem causing the secondary issues!

(more like plumber apprentice?)
as he immediately then was looking at the valve attached to the water MAIN Line saying that might be the issue and need replacement
(I am sure in hindsight this has nothing to do with the issue and it in fact IS the water heater that is broken and now since rusted on bottom, with increase of pressure as some failure perhaps of pressure release


WHat the hell

WHY OH WHY did not one plumber ever tell me this!!

"How do you release the pressure on a hot water heater?
Image result for do you have to service a water heater to relieve pressure
For most units, open the water pressure relief valve by simply lifting the valve up until the attached brass stem rises. When you do this, hot water will rush out of the pipe near the bottom of the water tank. Then, push the lever back down to close the valve and stop the water flow.Feb 4, 2020

How to Open a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve - Mr. Rooter Plumbing › about › blog › february › ho...
Search for: How do you release the pressure on a hot water heater?
How often should a water heater release pressure?
— Flushing and draining your water heater at least annually, if not 2-3 times per-year. — Testing the pressure-relief valve at least once per-year."

What the fuck

It is basic house maintenance EVERY homeowner SHOULD KNOW/

But you would think that after having a water heater replaced by AFS what. six or seven years ago maybe?
They might have been vested in giving some instructions to homeowners on how a basic water heater works.

I swear no one ever told me that water heaters should be serviced regularly!!
This is news to me.


OK at least I can go release the pressure relief valve. DANG I think now that I think about it MAYBE I DID SEE THAT DONE
but I think now I recall the HANDYMAN who I hired to do OTHER Work who noticed the electrical wires were BACKWARDS on my heater. I recall him showing me the release valve and explaining how it worked
BUT I don't know if he said I should do that ever ( like periodically?) I don't recall SERVICE recommendations just that he did it and showed me what he was doing.

He also REWIRED the electric,
I called my EX who happens to be an electrical engineer by training and confirmed what the guy told me to be sure he was correct

IT was nice my ex was helpful.


So my tenant is taking a shower and I am running the dishes in dishwasher;

LAst call for showers in house as then the water is being shut off . ( at least to the water heater! I can shut off that valve)

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