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2022-11-02 - 1:36 a.m.

Up at 1:30 AM cause I had some insurance agent give me BS earlier about why my monthly bill was higher that was just WRONG
She was not correcting the problem and was talking nonsense.

I gave up, thanked her for explaining the math of amortization (and politely just said "Oh I guess I am just not good at math")

and hung up
I mean I was tired and literally just gave up , acquiesced

Then went to bed

BUT when awoke at 1:30 AM had energy to make a call before going back to bed to find out WHY the Car insurance company thought it OK to raise my insurance ( by my calculation 27%) erroneously
Because they claimed in the letter notifying of the change "Because you had an insurance without coverage, we adjusted your premium"
then had a monthly premium rate which was $40 higher per month."

I only had a lapse of insurance cause a payment did not go through and they had no freakin decency to give a 30 day grace period- and made it 15 d. A bit aggressive I think.

The last person was giving me this BS about the difference being a missed payment over 10 mo.. not 12
I mean she was just wrong. She kept saying "let me run some numbers and look at it" as if she was doing calculations and then explaining to me.this BS
WHEN the statements each had the total premium in full amount and showed the actual difference.

It was something. I mean the premium for the year was raised and stated so.
The "mathsplaining" was hilarious- she kept ignoring that total premium had gone up.

In a few minutes this associate told me that there was a "E VAlue" discount that was removed.
She was able to put it back on.

Seriously Insurance companies will look for any reason to raise rates on policies.
Be sure to check those bills.

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