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2022-11-02 - 9:52 p.m.

Oh I forgot to write the detail that the plumber thought toilets were fine and said watch them and leave the ceiling open ( he cut three spots and took out a small square to see up there and look at the pipes and look for presence of current water damage. It was dry when he looked UNTIL I drained my tub a few times. Then he fixed the seal on my tub)

So today I checked both toilets and mine is fine. BUT the one in the other bathroom clearly has a problem.
I was going to call about THAT - it was on my TO DO to follow up on , when I stopped my work for the day ( THANK GOD I only paid ONE medical bill and did not pay all outstanding yet from the tax return that finally arrived!! It cleared today!!)

I am so glad I did not go on the obsessive I am going to pay EVERY outsanding bill and paypal money to pay back family right away.

I was REALLY tempted to.
I was temperate and instead made a $200 payment on the credit card and paid $200 toward the allergist bill for one kid. I had tried to pay a LabCorp bill but it said " Can not be paid on line " which was a blessing actually! HA HA

I did not log in to pay the Car insurance yet ( after the adjusment made in the wee hrs of morn! I did stay on line a total of about 2 hrs in the end last night looking at bills etc and THEN went back to bed and woke at a normal hour. Not really tired today however thankfully as got enough rest. Normal hr- but not really early-- more like 9 or something... like slept in a bit ...but was up and dressed to take the dog for a walk by 9:30 ( later than usual but not too bad!)

So when I checked the toilet in the other upstairs bathroom the water intake valve on the tank was barely opened. When fully opened as it typically would be ( when things are working properly!), the tank fills but does not STOP when reaches the top but water keeps flowing and it overflows in the top release area so the toilet is running nonstop.
Basically the toilet had been running and I heard the water through the wall last night which was interesting as I swear that toilet was not running until AFTER the problems with the tank not fulling properly and not being able to be flushed. That was the first problem noticed and I was fulling a bucket with water to manually dump it into the tank to flush the toilet then. Once it was flushed I shut off that water intake valve and we did not use that toilet for the couple of days until the plumber arrived.

He turned it all back on and claimed it was fine! *It looked fine to me at glance

But when went to bed HEARD the running of the water through the wall so I KNEW there was still a problem..

So it seems to me twofold. The mechanism inside the toilet does not work properly to shut off the water from flowing when full
AND the valve at the bottom of the toilet ALSO must be broken

AS when I shut off the water valve COMPLETELY the toilet STILL filled ( albeit ever so slowly) with a gradual release of water in the intake line
in other words
the shut off valve is leaky and does not completely shut off the water intake into the tank of the toilet which it should.

Once again I swear I had a high pressure problem that made everything get worn out and they all kinda failed ALL AT ONCE.

BUT the really GOOD NEWS

I mean the blessing in all of this is that the maintenance needed on my home is typical wear and tear and normal stuff folks have to fix over years of owning a home
I am THANKFUL I have the home insurance policy to reduce my costs and
THANKFUL my tax return actually arrived and cleared TODAY

I mean the timing of that could not be better. Despite the PIA of not having that cash sooner

hey what better thing to do with that money than take care of my home?

That is seriously a #1 Priority!

So am am feeling really positive and was actually happy today thinking of that.

Feel like all things by some weird design

I must have an angel for sure.

I mean someone looking out for me! ITs like I was FORCED to not spend that chunk of change on other items which honestly were not the biggest priority IN THE HOUSE

I intended to replace the heat pump OUT OF POCKET to get the most enviromentally sound one as way back when ( before I lost my job) I really thought I could afford to do so and honestly believe in caring for the enviroment strongly such that I think it is worth spending my money on.

I mean I don't mind ONE BIT paying MORE when I can afford to for environmentally sound well designed items that will not harm our planet as alternative items would.

If I could afford it and if it were reasonable I would install solar panels on my roof for instance; EVEN THOUGH they would not pay for themselves for YEARS and EVEN THOUGH I might sell the home and not personally recover the cost of the investment.

I in fact FOR YEARS have through just a few bucks a month optionally to choose to support adding alternative energy to the grid.
Do you know you can do that on your electric bill?
I am rather sure MOST utility companies now offer the option for CONSUMERS to BUY ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOURCES.

Can you just IMAGINE how GAME CHANGING it would be if OVERNIGHT

EVERY consumer of energy in our country opted to say YES I want $6 a month to go to alternative energy sources powered our main energy grids.

I mean just THINK Of the shift that could happen. Environmentally
It would be HUGE

Yeah the care of our planet is so important I was excited to pay to get a system that does not use freon.

I mean I have an old FREON system and at first look the insurance company was only going to pay to repair it and fill it with freon.

ITs not even the alternative stuff- its freon based!

That to me is frankly messed up.

Its not even legal to SELL those systems anymore as they are environmentally damaging.

What I find amazing is that no one is disputing the reality of climate change and the climate crisis we are in.

I mean it is science.

And parts of Florida and LI and other land masses WHERE MY FAMILY LIVE
may be under water in 50 years.

I mean this is not that far off.

The projection of changes to landscapes

and along with even incremental climate changes there are changes to the life in a space- the plants, insects, species etc.
The seeming subtle changes of raise in a couple degrees temp end up being significant for our ozone

I don't know MUCH at all about this-
but I know this.

The Climate Crisis is REAL and there are climate refugees already and projections of shifts in population.

Just a random google and found one recent study on sinking land.

I just recall when my old boss was buying in FL letting her know the site to look at to be aware of projections of sinking FL land. There was a model from the U.S. ( I think Geological ... dang I know where the actual office is but now forget that agency name.)

I had found the link. She was not worried. She wanted to enjoy her retirement on Amelia Island in FL which she and her husband found and were excited to move to!

I hope to visit her one day on a Fl trip with my friend my old co worker who I hang with every so often! We have both had chats with her and on our bucket list is a FL trip! We can visit my family. My friend loves hanging with my kids too which is awesome.
Absolutely on my bucket list! My friend herself lived in Fl for a number of years before she went to school and studied computer science. She worked in operations when I met her as my co worker but she had secret life of also being a physical therapy technician!
We bonded as I was working as a legal SME analyst on that software build project for the operations team
and we discovered we both had the, what we joked at the time, were the secret lives of the jobs we REALLY enjoyed which were the low wage health care service jobs that were more fulfilling yet compared to our salarys were icing on the cake. Or more like sprinkles to be honest in wages!
I mean the income I get from a whole year of working every weekend AND picking up some extra shifts is about the same as the AVG end of year Dec Merit based bonuses most of my full time jobs offered!
No kidding.

I can't complain as was blessed with both! Both the job I could do well and be proud of AND The work which I delight in doing.

That is basically how she viewed it as well. She said she was SO HAPPY that years ago she became a physical therapy technician. She has been working weekends at a local hospital for years.

She actually said she enjoyed it and even continued to enjoy that during COVID. We swap old people stories and laugh alot as we share them when we hang out.
There are SO MANY
( Those are not my stories to write of!! They are too personal. I just share with her without naming names but they are also the kind of thing I would NEVER want to write about as truth be told there are some clear identifying characteristics of some of the "characters" who have lived at the pretty fancy retirement community I work at! I mean certain details a DEAD giveaway of a particular well know person. Some of the residents I knew pretty well had some visible public personas in my area.)

Heck with raising temps there are some midwestern areas not densely populated that are become climate refugee destinations.

But only if there were massive shifts in behavior of everyone caring about this concern. I am tired now so will circle back to read this article and others after a good night's sleep! (Darn that water running in the wall is loud. No way to STOP that running toilet it seems until again the plumber gets here but the other issue is priority!),climate%20change%20and%20natural%20disasters.

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