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2022-11-03 - 12:44 a.m.s

WOW Life is so weird sometimes.

I have a cousin who lives in VA about one hour away from me WHO I NEVER SEE OR TALK TO.
I found it strange she was not particularly friendly and didn't really keep in touch more once she and her husband moved here.

When I was married I inviButted her over and she came to our farmhouse once.
I visited her at her home one time ( think when separated).

We are "friends" on Facebook.

I was close to her whole family growing up. I mean we were there at their house every few weeks and they came over to our place. ( Less often than they hosted up but that was simply as they had THE SET UP to host! They had a great pool and deck and their Dad kinda drinks lots of beer... HA HA... and he likes having his supply at home. Coming over to our house there was a six pack...but at his there was a full packed fridge. The teens didn't mind as I think some of them started sneaking one pretty young from that fridge... So honestly it was more fun for us all to go over there!)

She is very sweet. But what is weird is I just noticed her Facebook friends are 100% white; with the exception of three with obvious Indian or Packistani names.

I just find that so very bizarre to be honest.

It seems so very WEIRD to me
and living where she lives; and working in the field she works in; it also seems just to speak volumes
Lifestyles and values are distinctly different ( but for family being a priority for both of us.)
She has LOTS of women friends in GROUPS.
She is one of those pretty girls who was surrounded by a group of girls when young who grew up to be a beautiful women surrounded by other beautiful women who have the $200 haircuts ( no kidding- the professional coloring of trendy highlights on long tresses); and stylish well fitted sharp professional dresses. Even their casual wear looks like it was designed to be seen ( of course they dress to be seen!)l but more like designed to be captured in photos- preferably advertisements.

These are ladies with money and skills to regularly PLAN events. Events that take coordination and cooperation- like half dozen ladies all wearing the same outfit to show up and sing to a friend a fav Abba song.

and the only Go Fund me is an Art sale to support a couple who are moving to live on a Sailboat with a cute photo of the gal wearing a bikini and a YALE cap on head, enveloped by her handsome dark haired tan fit husband's arms, both beaming.

Photos of one of her girls and soccer teammates from a trip to France where they watched some pro soccer game.

So lovely
and so wealthy white suburban

It is who she is.
And she is lovely
and I do like her; what I know of her. But I realize I don't know her well at all and perhaps the discomfort she has with others who are different from her is the reason.

Ce la vie...
She is still very nice and I was pleased to hear from her tonight! I did hear from her come to think of it recently. I think she pinged me when the hurricane hit Fl to check up on family there.
I posted something about my kid the teacher asking for help with donated supplies as she teaches in a city school in the poorest area of a poor city actually, and her classroom was a NEW class created this year and she is a NEW teacher so she had to set up the classroom herself. They hire a teacher and give an empty classroom and the teacher has to fill it with educational materials and make it inviting and stock it with supplies.

She has a good percentage of kids who are immigrants for whom English is the new language, some who have parents who don't know how to read English.

She would like some educational enrichment posters to hang that highlight some of the content she is teaching. A few in Spanish would be helpful. The kids are learning English but also have to master the content of other subject areas so if there are posters in Spanish for things like Science it might help them master that material.

So I asked her to give me a list of needs and I would post it! (She was just telling me of how she spent hundreds but her classroom still needs more school supplies and moreso it needs more decor and not to be so boring/ Stark/ Uninviting. She is trying to improve it!

She said she is working about 60 to 70 hrs a week as a first year teacher as she has to create each lesson plan. No one hands teachers lesson plans. I asked "are there curriculum content providers out there doing that work and then selling them ? Isn't there an easier way?"
I mean you would think so...
But she said there are but they are out of her budget.
And she wants to know the content is good so I think she WANTS to create her own lesson plans.

She said next year as her lesson plans will already be created it won't be as long hours and will get easier.

To bed--- no real reason I should be up this late.

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