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2022-11-04 - 7:52 p.m.

Bummer, I turned down a shift at work on Monday to take my kid to the specialist who mangages her primary chronic illness to find out today that the Dr. does not take our insurance.
I cancelled the appointment.

They had called and talked to my kid who answered all the pre- appointment questions.
My kid had been asleep but when a call came in for them I woke them up and handed the phone to them.
But after my kid went back to sleep the phone rang again, and it was the office again and I said "If this is about billing or insurance I am assisting and can talk about that only"
and the person on the line then let me know out insurance is not accepted. I asked for a quote for the appointment out of pocket. The first test the dr wanted done was over $700 out of pocket- so I stopped her and said "Just cancel this appointment"
I mean I did not have to hear anymore to know there was no way it would be feasible.
I guess I have not brought this young adult there since their Dad dropped them from insurance (cause he does not choose to support his kid's healthcare since the kid is trans.)

I have been driving the young adult into DC for care but am grateful a local doctor was found who is a really good primary physician who is providing good care. That makes life MUCH easier than when had to go back and forth to/from DC.

The last time my kid met with the specialist all was looking good. They are stable and their tests all came back significantly better than prior years. That makes sense as the kid is also functioning WAY better than prior years.

The problem is some of the medications that work have been prescribed by this doctor. So although my kid went to the local doctor for a general healthcare and annual physical, as well as medical maintenance of the medications that the DC doctor originally prescribed it kinda stinks cause will have to go back to the primary local doctor to see if she can prescribe the medical maintenance prescriptions that this specialist prescribed!

Just a bummer.

I think the local doc will be able to continue the meds however without issue.

She also had continued a medication that ANOTHER specialist prescribed ( the sleep specialist).

So maybe good in a way as dropped two specialists, and the general MD picked up the task of reviewing health and prescribing those meds and running bloodwork and testing to see how they are all working. Having been under the care of the specialists for a couple of years with success of their treatment and input of their subject expertise already, it makes sense the general MD could then continue their prescribed treatment.

Its just a bummer as this particular specialist happens to be one of the foremost experts in the world on Dysautonomia/POTs.
I mean folks travel from all over the world to see this Dr. The practice was recently sold and is now a part of John Hopkins, and I know that is because they are doing research.
Long Covid made their expertise in demand, sadly. They just have more people that want to get into that office than they can handle anyway. This is the office which used to have horrific wait times, but people still would stick with the practice for their expertise on rare illnesses causing dysautonomia symptoms.

This appointment was scheduled a year ago; as my kid was stable and told to just come back in a year for a check up.

Well the kid is OK so not that big of a deal.

I did say we would just hold off in hopes I do land a good full time job with good medical insurance.

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