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2022-11-07 - 3:07 p.m.

The plumber that was sent out by AHS was pretty green and did not seem to be knowledgable.

I was forgiving and patient that he did what he could ( only after I insisted. However truth be told I have not taken a bath or run the tub to confirm he actually FIXED the problem and did not just needlessly cut three holes into my ceiling to look at the pipes where the water was leaking from.
I mean if he knew what the hell he was doing as a plumber he would have checked the tub drain FIRST

He did that AFTER the pipes looked good and he said he saw no visible signs of leaking there.

Then when the water WAS pouring out of the ceiling (diagnosis ! We did not IMAGINE a celing leak when the tub drained!) - he looked at the drain in my tub- opened it up by removing the outermost part and claimed he saw the trouble
and it was a poor seal
and he told me he added sealant to shore it up.

He asked if I wanted them to send someone to fix the ceiling and I said yes! ( Figured he meant the insurance company)

I honestly did not care too much if I have to repair a ceiling- hell I have patched enough walls and ceilings to do so "good enough".

He had pointed out the small leak of water heater

And the NEXT DAY or so when it totally went- rusted out

I called and spoke to the office staff who said "It says here no one was home when the plumber came out".

I told her "That is not true."

She asked "Was he a young guy?"

I said "Yes, honestly he did not seem all that knoweldgable. I wanted the water pressure of the house checked as think the toilet issues were related to pressure incerase , and the leak I was afraid a joint on pipes gave as high pressure wore it out - as the problems all happened just after I noticed the water is hotter than it had been. So somethign is off with the hot water heater and pressure. Then there was low pressure upstairs after the leak."

I also told her of the large amount of flooding as the water heater gave out further- where rusted and it was imminent we need a new water heater.

She had responded "I am texting him now to update his notes"
I told her " HE first noticed the leaking water from the water heater. So ask him about that as I don't need anyone else to come see it- he saw it- I just need a new water heater installed. "

She said "I will text him and also talk to the guy in charge of water heater installations."

So she made it sound like I would hear further FOR AN APPOINTMENT to get the water heater installed. She did say "I leave at 4:30 but will take care of this tomorrow."

So I figured would hear from her Friday. did not. I tried to call and got looping message. No way to get a PERSOn at the # for the plumber. I called AFS and they said "Let us call the plumber."
I ALSO sent an email outlining all issues for redundancy.

So I did not expect to have anything happen over the weekend. I knew to be patient. BUT I did not expect that when I call the plumber today I get someone who says
"The notes here say a plumber came out and no one was home."


Still not updated in their systems. No progress in other words.

I told the person who answered for BRICK PLUMBING in MD ( JAckie) the story.

And she was not particularlly helpful as I said "Well send out another plumber if you need to- but I expected someone to come replace the water heater. The AHS dispatch says "APPROVED" on the request."

On the AHS site If I click CHECK STATUS is shows the assigned plumber and work approved!!

That was this AM.

I tried to call AFS and could not get a person. I was also at work. So I went through all their voice prompts including "Press 1 to have a call back"
after the wait time being announced as 30 minutes. I initally was going to wait the whole 30 min- as I was sitting at the front desk answering the work phone line but was on my own cell phone so figured just wait ( this AM when it was a quiter moment in somewhat early morning.)

They disconnected me.

Like dropped.

So It was already later in the morn when called again and accepted option for call back. It was about 20 minutes before I was going on my lunch break at noon. Figured would be great if they called me back at lunch time when on break to deal with my personal business.

The damn phone did not make noise when rand. I have no idea why -
Maybe cause when in that building calls are not coming through.

I ate my lunch and LATER ( As getting ready to leave work for the day) saw the call did come in. I listened to the voicemail once home.

So now I have placed ANOTHER call to the AHS insurance company and will wait to get a call back and hope they send the plumbers back. Frustrating

ESPECIALLY as THIS TIME I went on line and checked the dispatch and it reads



I hate how these insurance companies make promises but pay crap so the vendors don't even WANT to do the jobs.


And now who knows WHEN they will fix my hot water heater. I just need to KEEP ON THEM til it gets done.

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