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2022-11-09 - 3:31 p.m.

Some people are just really poor communicators.

It really interfers with smooth business.
I FINALLY received an estimate from the plumber that was sent the job of coming out from AHS.
They sent me it via email and I was perplexed as thought the cost of the job was covered by AHS.
So I asked by email if they had gotten APPROVAL of the job as was confused as the AHS site shows "Approved"

The person who emailed back gave me the # of AHS
whom I had called numerous times.
And it was like the volley back and forth-
plumber says talk to them
AHS says Call your plumber.

So after they FINALLY sent the estimate and I call a number that the plumber gave ME to call AHS
(I emailed back saying I would call but also that I thought the plumber should call and see if they had luck getting approval)

IT turns out that AHS HAD indeed approved the work
BUT They did not approve additional work to bring the water heater up to code.
That includes the drip pan, an expansion tank and valve
WHICH is dumb they don't cover.

But what the hell
The additional cost of $804 means PLUS the cost of the $100 service fee already paid
I pay essentially the same damn thing market rate of just hiring my own plumber.

The water heater is $549 at Home Depot
So if I were to call a local plumber I will be paying SAME

So I just accepted the quote once figured out that it was for what not covered and I have to pay to get this done either way.

It will get done....eventually

I just don't have energy to get into gathering local quotes and starting over with communicating with anyone else as have other things to do so accepted the quote and will have them get it done.

I just hope it gets done timely now.

As a contract manager I should have pushed back on the promise of when done. I COULD have negoiated.

Truth is I have no energy to do that for crap like this as I am busy expending energy today getting other things done

Like navigating the VEC site WHich worked today!
At least worked for a while

Then I lost the open web page and logged in again
Which I know from experience- When don't actually LOG OUT of a system and log in again

triggers errors

I know this
but I still logged in again ( Which it let me) THEN The window appeared where I wa s already logged in
and I tried to close the 2nd and continue with the first window opened ( as it had MORE DATA already captured)
and it was likely idle too long
and crashed the page getting error
when tried to log in again
got the ERROR MY computer can not be validated....

It just thinks fraud when too many access attempts.

NOt fraud
but having to gather data points ( like Where did I apply for jobs on Oct 13th?)
and reading emails to pull POC infor ect
takes me a bit and I always get locked out after some time.

Well I did get another week or two claims filed. I got stuck on the one ending Oct 22 so made progress.

The web site is so annoying however as there are contraints of data points NOT CONSIDERED.

Like HOW do you handle when your company is purchased by an equity parter so you now have a new corporate entity issuing your pay check?

Considering one of the ONLY WAYS companies are sure to make money is in valuation and SALE of a business-
this has become all too common.

Its like a shell game
or cards

Trading businessess
until someone realized they are the last man standing holding the card and it has lost value along the way...

CE la vie...
People live too much in the past....
valuation is a thing of the past. I have little faith in that way of folks making money-


So anyway the system first logged me out after I reported that I DID land a client AND would report once earn income from them!

It was like
Once report found some work potential they were ready (The system!) - actual algorithm ready to kick me out as ineligible for unemployment.

FRUSTRATING as the client did not send work THAT Week,

Hell I did not get work - real work until YESTERDAY when YEAH finally reviewed a contract for someone else.

* THat is why tired today truth be told. HAD I NOT done work yesterday I would been able to negotiate the plumbing contract... at least changed the day work done from (within 30 days. But I know that is the standard form and don't expect them to wait that long! I expect they will come soon BUT had I not been tired I would have requested that change! I just wanted to sign the damn thing and know I have a plumber ACTUALLY COMING to do the work with commitment!)

I am tired now.
I did get job applications in; navigated the VEC site; scheduled a plumber.
I TRIED To schedule the oral surgary for kid as she said GO AHEAD

The oral surgeon referred to is out of network for her insurance (from DAD). So have to find someone for that.

So now to eat.
So much for not writing too much. It is a good stress reliever for me! I was thinking if I don't write I might be more productive. THAT IS TRUE IN THE AM when ramble but maybe not when take this 10 min vent break after some frustrating thing.

AN $804 bill is frustrating.

Thank God have the cash in hand to get this fixed. Paid off almost all the old medical bills but ALSO had wisdom to get a loan from one of my brothers! Thank God for Family.
Uncle ( to my kids) is the helper this month. He is essentially ensuring NEXT MONTH I can pay the mortgage and this month is ensuring we have hot water.

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