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2022-11-10 - 7:32 p.m.

OH and I also forgot to note- I had completed the PAPER application for Medicaid back in September!

I guess I simply forgot about that.
I had not heard a thing.
And then when got emails that time to apply for coverage from was anxious to get it done.

So apparently I did it TWICE.

I also have this thing where I don't lie. And then it gets me into trouble. So while I reported the ACTUALS of what I EXPECT my income to be currently this month
I actually included the expectation that ANY DAY now they are going to finally stop FUCKING AROUND with my VEC unemployment and realize I have been eligible and will send me a check-
so I reported the expected total income for this month INCLUDING the VEC unemployment as well as acutals from my part time low wage retirement community job.
THEN for income for NEXT YEAR I wrote what I ACTUALLY HOPE FOR.

I was worried it was going to knock me out of eligibility but I can't lie. I mean there really IS an expected high income at some point for next year! I expect to find a job and start in a month or two! REALLY

So if I expect that I have to write what I expect the income next year to be.
And hope they still approve the coverage for the INTERIM.

I mean even if only for a month or two it makes a big difference.
I am going to call and see what is up with my medical bills at the Doctor I just saw. I was surprised there was ZERO co pay for an appointment I had which was a follow up. It might be cause that office already had the Medicaid info!
The pharmacy said it showed up for him just by looking up name.

So maybe SAME for doctor's offices!

I was told to go in for a follow up procedure and I did not schedule it yet cause honestly I thought I could not afford it. I was going to wait until NEXT YEAR.
And I need new glasses which I was waiting on as well. So for me I have a couple health care items I am really happy to follow up on as well!

Just a relief!

I stopped even thinking about my own health as no point in considering or worrying about something that I can't do anything about.
BUT NOW I will call my Dr. to ask one question before following up on her recommendation.
One point of clarity and then will schedule the procedure she wanted me to do.

*I think she forgot something honestly. She mentioned something but it was not on the order.

SO I am doing that thing:

Write it down to get it done

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