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2022-11-10 - 6:57 p.m.

Well, I figured out WHY I had such trouble paying the premium for health insurance back in Oct.
Turns out that when we got SNAP approved; we also were IMMEDIATELY approved for Medicaid
as of october.

Likely a good thing I insisted on paying the premium as I saw a Dr. in Oct and that claim was billed to my Anthem policy and covered.

it turns out just TODAY
Laughing as it was AFTER I went on the site and actually just COMPLETED the application for a policy on

and got a response that we were eligible for medicaid

That I THEN picked up the mail from my mailbox
(DUH! I had not gotten it earlier today! I walked the dog a few times but did not think to do that.)

AND in the mail there were two letters with MEDICAID Cards-
one for me
and one for my adult chronically disabled child.

We immediately called the pharmacy to inquire about the medication that is prescribed which is the ONLY one that will work to stop gastrointestial pain from MCAS as well as help mastocytosis

and the good news is the copay is ZERO


What a joy that is!

My kid qualifies for medicaid as an adult disabled child who has had the disability since birth

YUP Autism is the chronic condition

BUT it is the POTS/MCAS/EDS/mastyocytosis which is more disabling
and which the medication was prescribed to treat which my kid can now get !

I had not realized at first but in speaking to one of the older siblings who also has MCAS, its the same medication that the older kid has been on for years. She said when visiting her that she stopped for a bit and noticed a marked difference and said is starting to take it again. Its just a PIA as she does not like having to rely on it because it is in these small liquid vials that she has and she is supposed to take it 5 X a day! She said she ends up taking it about 3X as is hard to do that . I mean just the challenge of taking a weird looking liquid medication when you are working with other people and don't get breaks.

I told her how expensive it is without insurance coverage and she was grateful that her insurance had covered it as well. (At least it did in past when on her Dad's ! I am sure she has plenty left as she had a ton of it I remember bringing to her that she left at home here when went back to school last year! That was so ironic when this year her sibling was prescribed it and we could not afford to fill the prescription!)

The irony is- we were just reading about eligibility for Medicaid.

I think I was eligible too as I had listed the $1000 plus dollars of outstanding medical bills not yet paid. That is one of the criteria they look at.

The irony is of course that just this past week my tax return came and the first thing I did was PAY THOSE BILLS

all but a couple; and pay back the loans from some family. ( I do not want to have those lingering too long!! I borrowed from another brother but paid back other loans. I figure better to do that and pay folks back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!)

This is such a relief for the health of my kid.

Maybe this kid can actually work if feels better and the new medication helps.

The older sibling said tried to stop taking it but notices the difference considerably and said "I have to go back to taking it again as I am feeling awful".

She is functioning though... even though exhausted and sleeping all weekend after the work during the week.

SO proud of that kid!

AND I am truth be told proud of the kid living here who battled chronic illness and pushed on to finish and graduate HS and who is getting up and doing more at home and just feeling better overall. Hope there is some job opportunity that manifests that the kid can physically handle! The medication does give hope for that being possible.

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