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2022-11-14 - 8:43 a.m.

On hold with the plumber.
I don't understand how people think it OK to try to do business by text.
Not all folks use text message to communicate.
SURE younger do
but when running a company why would you NOT CALL BACK someone who asks you to call to schedule?

I mean it makes no sense.
I got a text back in response to my email.

I mean if someone emails you; typically you don't TEXT BACK

When someone texts you; you don't send an EMAIL in response

Or calls you; send back email

It makes no sense that in response to my email asking for the plumber to schedule my service and let me know when they can come- to PLEASE CALL

They sent text that said "Call us to schedule"


Once again
awful communication.

I sent the email RIGHT AFTER signing the contract they emailed me for the work.

I saw the responsive text that was sent that day THE FOLLOWING NIGHT
I really do not use my personal cell phone much; nor text on it.
I mean for me my cell phone is useful when traveling. When not home.
So sure I gave that cell # too
BUT it was the BACK UP so they could CALL ME whenever.
Not to text as I don't look at that
It was for me just in case they called and I was walking the dog as I WAITED HOME for the plumber to SHOW UP or CALL to tell me when they were showing up.

OK vent over- I was writing as on HOLD
the long hold times get frustrating.

The finally picked up and the plumber is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

I have a Dr. Appt for one kid the next two days but someone will be home to let them in.

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