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2022-11-15 - 3:04 p.m.

Maybe its just me; but when I have a service technician I wait home for them to arrive and I actually expect them to show up or call if can't make it.

So again I am sitting here and hoping the plumber really shows up by 4pm as if not it will have been a bad decision to have faith they really wanted the work and it was just bad communication and not intentional avoidance.

I mean I at first assumed no one really wants to deal with the bad insurance companies that don't pay providers that well. But then why the hell contract with them?

So then I thought the bad experience is due to poor communication and the lack of being able to hire enough people
and figured with labor shortages for service jobs hitting everywhere due to a confluence of factors-
most people think of

Immigration is the one many overlook-

(*Not rocket science. Our immigration #s were down to lowest had been in years - yes under Obama which few seem to realize.),economic%20sectors%20are%20severely%20affected.

Under Trump the border was turning everyone away at our Southern Border. An influx then tried after he was out of office but they too are still being turned away due to COVID restrictions ( which I can't disagree with. I mean if there is a risk of pandemic that is legitimately being enforced I am not opposed to that BUT FOR the fact that actual REFUGEES- not economic migrants but those leaving due to threats to life I believe should be welcomed and we should have some means of managing those folks that walk across deserts without putting lives at further risk.

I mean when someone is in need I have a real problem with judging how they got there as the metric on if you decide they are worthy of LIVING. Some of the policies were downright inhumane. Like arresting Arizona folks who were putting WATER out for migrants crossing deserts. Where has the humanity gone of those more worried about our economic health big picture? That they would deny water for the life of some poor soul?

Just let the ones who want to feed the poor, house the homeless and provide water or clothes do it. Don't interfere.

I feel like there is a good policy now in the trying to find individuals and community support- organizations like churches who are able to and willing to help out.

Those who don't want tax dollars to got to support of non citizens can be respected and there may even be many among those who do not support tax dollars going to refugee help who actually themselves might offer up a room in their home, a few dollars of their own to relief orgs.

So its a sound initiative I think that there is a push to help Ukrainian and Venezuelan as well as Afghan ( is that the right word? or Afganisatni?) refugees just now via

I believe in alternative energy; so monthly on my bill I agreed to put a few bucks into alternative energy going on the grid.

That made it easy.

I believe in organ donation- so was delighted when DMV made it easy to make my intentions known.

I believe in supporting non profits for social good so at the end of the year I am happy when I file my Virginia Taxes they ask if I want to contribute part of my refund to a social cause and give options.

It would be great to see some similar support set up that really makes it easy for folks to support and welcome the stranger. That would make the conversation very different. Less fighting I think over who is funding it-
of course that would be donation funded in a program that the federal govt would have to run. But the feds are the ones who already are in change of management of refugee migration; although the way they do it is coordinate efforts of the many non profits doing the service work to help immigrants.

Truth be told I was super excited to see the two postings working in that space, but I know it is quite a reach to even get an interview.

Others have been working in that area- with refugee migration program management and devoted their careers to that work. I think of the marvelous woman named Rhonda who I worked in support of and with from VIVE in Buffalo NY thirty years ago.

I send in resumes in the areas I have worked in before and expect to get a call back from some postings as it is so obvious I have the experience with exact alignment of the job itself.

But the immigration space is a tougher space to break into for me-
because others who have been IN that space may also have equivalent experience but know so much more about the policy and the culture of NGOS, the politics to navigate, have connections to leverage etc...
as the effectiveness in the roles applied for really are reliant not first and foremost on the hard skills I have hones but the soft skills of relationship development.

That is the truth. ANY job is best served by the person who can foster the best relationships to move business forward to meet mission objectives best.

So its a long shot.

I just hope they call as that work would be energizing as when have a real passion or anything it really makes it so much easier.

But if they don't call at least another viable iorn in the fire. A call tonight with potential client of my own company which seems interesting. The thing is the person herself is a lawyer so her bio says. So interesting she needs gov con experience as her experience looks pretty solid on paper on her web site and on linked in.

But maybe she has been outsourcing everything? This was a person looking for help on UPWORK.
She paid what seems fair enough ( low for market but not so low that I think she unreasonable. I mean if someone wants to freelance and not work full time sometimes taking what you can get is better than not working so I can't judge that she is a bit cheap as she is building her business.) But she has a good half dozen logos so looks like she has had a fair few contrcts...
which perplexes me why she would need a gov con expert to help her when she is a Harvard trained lawyer and presents self as a business owner who IS a gov con expert unless she has some LARGE volume or is wise and needs a second opinion of a matter. ( Which I can't do not being a BAR Certified lawyer! I told her what I can do! I can help if she has some items to take care of that are internal operational matters under the contract management umbrella of my training.)

This lady seems rather remarkable. Very impressive.

Hope I can be of help to her and support her despite not being able to give legal advise! I certainly can negotiate an NDA or TA for her; or manage subcontracts etc... which is the work I can do.

The last client said he was happy with my redlines and comments. I hope he finds there was added value and sends me more work!
The challenge is that there is always some pushback from the business development people who think lawyers or legal support staff complicate matters because we point out any ambiguities or actual items that could create complications proactively to PREVENT complications later!

Its like preventative medical care. Sure it is a PIA to get immunology for my kid- but that prevenative ongoing treatment can save a person from serious problem that they are at risk for!
It was funny as my kid was bitching about carrying an epi pen and some big guy came out of the office and heard her and said "Hey- I have to tell you I was just mowing and got stung by a bee and went into anaphylaxis."

He was saying how he used to think not to worry so much but became a big believer in the treatment and carrying an epi pen.

That 's the thing. Companies never know what is going to be the bee sting. I just have to point out everything in a contract that LOOKS like a hive that might get triggered and see if there is a better way to structure a deal without having things like waso nests or bee hives etc...hidden in them.

Well 3:48 and the plumber not here.

What the hell?

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