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2022-11-15 - 7:37 p.m.

What is so hard about saying NO
if you can't do a job timely and well and it is out of your capability?

I don't fucking understand this plumbing company.
Why the hell did they send a contract and pretend they were coming out today and then when I called give me to story
"Wait a bit longer they are just running late"

But not show up?

I mean here it is 7:39pm.
I am pretty sure that they are not coming tonight.

BUT sometimes plumbers do work after hours in emergency situations, right?

Like flooding in a home and not hot water from burst heater?
one would think
So I don't know MAYBE They are going to see the work order and have some sense of urgency as they obviously are a bigger shop
contracting with Home Depot
and American Home Shield
OR maybe they are a small shop in over their head who contracted and it is a matter of IMPOSSIBITY of them now actually delivering on all the work committed to on those larger corporate contracts?

What the fuck.

If that is the case make some fucking phone calls to where your local client is and grab someone as a subcontractor 1099 to get the damn work done. Go on Fucking Upwork and hire someone for peanuts for all I care-
and get the damn work done. ( I mean Upwork actually confirms skills etc)
That is one example
I mean if they had a big fucking issue they could sub it out with a licensed plumber and likely still could have gotten it done. But to not show up and not call and not be responsive when I email and call? Now what?

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