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2022-11-15 - 11:04 a.m.

In other news; good HR interview and I have a panel interview this Thu.

Of course it is not for a job I really was excited about.

and the panel interview comes the week I finally found not one but TWO roles working in Immigration refugee support that would actually pay my bills and I could live off doing.

That work DOES excite and energize me.
BUT they did not call yet as the resumes were sent on Friday and yesterday for those two jobs.

The other space took a couple weeks to get me in for an interview. The HR recruiter cancelled on me last week. She was not in any rush then ( or too busy)

BUT after talking to her yesterday she moved the process along quickly

Panel interview with three folks.

Its a very cool company I actually put a resume in for the MANAGER (likely of same group?)

Something going on with this company as they are hiring a few folks for the same job-

Likely just landed a large contract as Prime and have a need for lots of subcontractors.

That will be familiar and easy enough work based on my experience.

BUT it will be fun as the space is new- the industry itself. I ALWAYS love learning something new.

I also realized when not eligible for the more senior role- as I don't have a Top Secret Clearance and the Senior contract managers there required that.

So it is not as senior but I don't much care about title

I am no egotistical about money either


and happen to live in an expensive place so need the salary to meet cost of living here.
The piece making me negotiate and seek the highest salary I can and that led me to be unwilling to consider lower paying jobs for a while is that

I need to plan for retirement.
And I don't have much in that nest egg so really hope to land the highest pay for a sustainable job I can do for the next 5 plus years (AT LEAST! next 10 optimal!)

So this is a good opportunity and I am sure if I land it I will enjoy it.

They do cool stuff
Good location
Decent commute

Not sure if remote at all but no matter as close enough.

The thing is it is JUST as I FINALLY found the two jobs doing the work I went to law school to do.

SO I HOPE if those spaces are to consider me they move quickly too! I HOPE they call me THIS WEEK

Cause I truly would love to interview and be considered and if possible would love multiple offers to then choose the best fit.

Its an interesting thing as in my job hunting in the past , with the exception of the last two roles- for the other jobs I ALWAYS had multiple offers come in literally at the same time to pick from. That did not happen with the last two roles.

Will see..

I am tired today but even so the thought of new possibilities is one that often energizes me.

I love learning and experiencing new things; and even when hard and challenging frankly I LOVE being challenged. I love growth! I love the experience of working hard then hitting the point where it suddenly gels.

After the news of the shootings at UVA
I was really hit hard

I played guitar last night which was really helpful to be honest. The song that bubbled up in my head when I first heard the news was very weirdly ( but maybe not weirdly)
Cranberries ZOMBIE

I heard different lyrics in my head

"Another Mother's child is slain
from another bullet on a campus..."

I had played guitar for about an hour. Then went to go to sleep, and changed mind and got back up and found the chords and played and sang my version of Zombie-
which helped me much.
My own music therapy release

And here is this-

the night before I was on the phone encouraging a friend to JUST SAY NO to the request a household member bring a gun into her home.

I sent her resources on how to find free storage for the gun.

Many local police depts WILL store a gun for free.

Here are VA Tech resources-
randomly found just now

Folks who have guns for hunting just need to keep them safe and locked and if there is a household member who doesn't want a gun present there are storage options at most ranges folks go to for sport; or local police stations who will store a gun.

There should be no reason for anyone to have a gun on hand at all times. Seriously

I mean self protection?
Safe storage of a gun in home means its locked

Really if someone randomly shows up with a gun you are not going to have time to get your safely stored gun out and load

So anyone with kids it is just not worth owning a gun thinking it will protect you . Cause you HAVE To lock it.

I feel like guns that are used for hunting are fine but cause they are the #1 REASON for deaths of children

LITERALLY The #1 cause of children's unnatural death-

just think

Is hunting THAT important to you?

OR can you inconvieive yourself to plan and go get the gun and take it out for a few hunting trips a year?

I mean we give up hobbys we love all the time for various reasons

If you have small children in the house
JUST grow up and give up having your gun in your home

NOW that habit of locking guns up elsewhere may not stop a crime of passion

BUT The thing is


No idea what drove the shooting at UVA

but crimes of passion are often a#1 reason folks lose sensibility....

I mean it could have been over some girl

and the norm is ALL gun owners LOCK guns ELSEWHERE , not where they live

JUST MAYBE if someone is unhinged in a moment of emotional distress


lets say a cheating happened and guy went ballistic in anger

MAYBE JUST MAYBE if the guy did not have immediate access to a gun

MAYBE if he has a liscensed gun but was not carrying and only using it when go to a range or when go to hunt

MAYBE there would be less deaths' due to anger over infidelity for example
or over other issues that lead to such emotional upset and anger where one is literally NOT THINKING STRAIGHT

I think the act of having to go get your gun is just a common sense good fucking idea.

No reason not to be willing to make a bit of effort for safely when understand that it is otherwise good people who can have the capacity in a moment of emotional weakness
of literally becoming a murderer.

They are not always mentally ill
some have anger issues
some have emotional control issues that were never that bad

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