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2022-11-15 - 4:26 p.m.

On hold while the receptionist of plumber said "Can I put you on hold while I have the head of water heater installation reach out to the technicians to see where they are at."


That means one of the following:

a) She looked in the computer and when said "HMM" Saw NO Record of the service having been scheduled-
so stalling and trying to reach Jody who scheduled to confirm/and or get the manager to approve another job to be done today-


b) They are actually thankfully SCHEDULED and they are just running later than planned.

AH She came back on the line and according to her it is b)

That is actually good news and I believe it considering how long/ well rather how QUICKLY She came back on the line and said "They are just running late on the prior job and will be coming out- just give them a little more time."

Hell I have given two weeks of time waiting....

Hope they come out soon and the install goes smoothly without issue.

I need to ALSO call American Home Shield and deal with the other water issues in the house- I mean
I am very speptical that the leak was REALLY fixed in the tub,

The young clueless kid was taking apart the BOTTOM of the drain- the standard drain section and reinforced that with plumbing putty-
however it was the leaking from the OVERFLOW that I think was the problem.

I did not SEE him take that part apart and reinforce itl. (Maybe he did?)

Not having had hot water I have not checked that -
as the tub has not been filled all the way and fully drained.

I suppose a good idea to check that NOW right before the plumber who ostensibly fixed that comes back.

YEAH Going to fill the tub and see what happens.

I am skeptical.

AH My kid is just telling me that we KNEW for YEARS ( since kid in 10th grade) that our tubs can not be filled up past the overflow
cause if they do-BOTH OF THEM Leak into the ceiling and water will come out.


My kid is like "Don't you remember that? You had Art look at it."

YES Art has been in my life off and on a long time. And maybe 10 years ago I did hire him to help with shoring up some plumbing issues- I recall he fixed leaky toilets and looked at stuff but true I forgot that part!
I did hire a plumber about three years ago to do same- as the toilet started running again and needed a componant fixed and I had him look at the fixture in my bathroom tub that was leaking and making a noise- I was worried about water behind the wall getting into the wall and ceiling . That plumber said not sign of water damage and all looked good from that fixuture...

So maybe the leak in the ceiling was just randomly happening when I took a bath and filled it too much concurrent with the water pressure issues.

I am just glad the kid was not here contradicting me when the plumber was here! Cause the know it all kid is like "What does the leak have to do with the water heater?"
and I said
"I called it in for the leak which I thought was caused by possible pipe break due to pressure increase"

In any case AHS said all the plumbing could be looked at on one service call.

So much for that.

Plumber not here.
I need to bathe- with cold water obviously.

Test the tub-and if there is STILL a leak can at least try to get the plumbers to shore up THAT Part of the drain if it the problem when they are here.

It should not be a heavy lift for them! And it is after all what they were intended to address to begin with along with the water heater. AND the leaking running toilet.

OH the water in my tub not working at all. I kinda forgot that, I have been using my sink only.
That is why never tested that seal yet.

YEAH my short term memory sucks.
I mean I wasn't keen on jumping into a cold tub so even if it was working was not doing that-but I forgot that it is not even filling.

So sponge bath and then the interview at 5pm.

Guaranteed that after sitting and WAITING as this is the #1 priority- to get this thing done today.
They will show up when I am in the middle of my interview.
Kids can greet plumbers and let them in.

In GOOD NEWS My 20 yr old borrowed my car and was able to go to medical appointment, store and pick up prescriptions for self.

YES! I realized last night as was trying to figure out logistics of the appointments at same time-
YOU can just borrow my car and go!
That was so great for them to get it done.

Once I do land a job and finances are straight I would be willing to buy a new car and give the old one to the 20 yr old.
I would prefer to not have to get a new car. But it is not a bad idea. The kid knows how to drive that Kia well.
It has the crappy engine but my kid knows how to navigate it and is actually a good driver now.
So that is a solution.
I can't get the kid to take the bus but if the kid has a car I do think they would be more inclined to get a job frankly,
So worth considering.

Oh the good news of the day is the kid did pick up the medication needed, the one that was a $450 co pay and YEAH
it was FREE with Medicaid!

And the other insurance policy is still active. The other medication they picked up had been run through the other insurance already.
I think the way it works is Medicaid pays the premiums so they don't have the full cost- but then they pay what is not covered by the secondary insurance.

I am presuming that is why the Anthem policy I had bought through the Healthcare marketplace suddenly in OCT had no button for me to pay the copay
and when I called they had no idea what my copay was and it was perplexing.

Confusing a bit cause again-
ZERO communication.

I think that is the biggest problem.
Shortage of funding and personnel and there is a loss of KNOWLEDGE
of how things work
EVEN When there IS infrastructure and processes and systems set up in place.

If only few can navigate them they are not very effective.

BUT THANK GOD that the kid saw a specialist today and picked up a prescription and was feeling well enough to drive and take care of self, including running to the store for milk and bread.

THAT IS so good! See what happens when I sit still and am not doing that for the kid?
* That is my lesson!

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