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2022-11-15 - 11:57 a.m.

Still reading since no work yet at waiting for the plumber

hyperlasia is
the enlargement of an organ or tissue caused by an increase in the reproduction rate of its cells, often as an initial stage in the development of cancer.

and I have hyperplasia of my uterine lining

The good news is the real concerns about that are
1. Infertility ( no worries as I have fulfilled motherhood possibilities!)
2. cancer

I am not worried about cancer.
I mean I guess I don't worry about things that are not real to me.
I don't have that personality or propensity to hear of negative possibilites and ruminate or worry.

THUS the reason to WRITE about this so I dont FORGET to proactively schedule the appointment.

Ready to schedule it now.

I was perplexed as the Dr. hand wrote and order

that is- to remove the IUD after she ASKED me "Do you want to remove it or wait another year?"

and then I reminded her she wanted to have the transvaginal ultrasound cause she found a closed cervix which was ODD

I think she forgot about that in the moment...
I mean I was there for follow up and she was looking at the results but she was focused on the fact of having found three polpys ( think that is what they were called? I forget now... three small things but not really a big deal as pretty common, pretty small OH but wait two small things and one cyst. ONe is called a polyp until identified as a cyst.. That was on the ovary
again not a big worry cause biggest worry is

But I have my kids.
Heck if it is cancer I have had the excessive bleeding for well over a year and when I talked to my Dr. she was not very concerned so that would not be good!

and everything I read looked like normal to sometimes have heavy bleeding ( which at the time rarther irritated me as I thought BS but also thought ... whatever.. just get to OB GYN soon)

So soon for an ADHD person means within the next few months; or within the next year....

YEAH that is how we roll.

So I was glad to get into a new OB GYN but honestly did expect all to be normal and this is just premenopaual normal weird hormonal changes stuff.

The thing that makes me come back and write is that something caught my eye in my research.

THAT women with INSULIN RESITANCE are at higher risk of this condition.

That interests me as I have told EVERY DOCTOR I have EVER seen that I think my body shows the symptoms of insulin resistance.

Never did get a diagnosis. But I eat and do the things recommended (for the most part) AS IF do have that condition of insulin resistance.

I have to.

If I don't I am exhausted all the time, have brain fog and can't function well. If I don't exercise and eat and sleep well my body aches and I have a hard time staying awake all day.

Maybe there will be a gym in the building where land new job? Or a nice place for a morning run?
Honestly one of the things I like most about a full time job is that having a routine is good for me!
It helps me much to be able to plan a routine and stick to a schedule as far as exercising regularly.
If I do that and eat well I typically can handle the work and not be exhausted even when working full time.

BUT if I don't do that full time work can just wipe me out!

OK time to clean my desk and see if somehow either of the missing papers got put there. And search my room.
If don't find will call both the dentist and my ob gyn to get the # of the offices need to call for follow up appts for kids wisdom teeth and my procedure of IUD and extra uterine lining removal!
I did not schedule at first as did not know what the word
hysteroscopy meant!

I left and was like "Wait- the dr told me to call and schulde D&C and hystecopy" to remove the IUD

but said nothing about a biopsy.

She said she wanted to get a biopsy but it was not clear to me that was ordered!

* I called the nurse to check and be sure that was not oversight? (This is a silly thing- the assumption when something is not stated it might be overlooked and the need to confirm with clairty; and the inability to just follow up as Doctor advised until understand every last thing about the order. Kind of ridiculous...)

So now I see biopsy is ALWAYS done as part of the hystecopy. I had no idea what hystecopy means either.

So only until I understood what was being done was I ready to schedule;Took me a few weeks to figure this out.

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