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2022-11-16 - 9:48 a.m.

I am much relieved that my tenant is back after a long weekend where she stayed at her Ex Hubby's while he was out of town.

So grateful she came back moving things in! YEAH She is so happy to have the space and LIKES IT HERE despite the crazy inconvenience.


Plumber now to be here TOMORROW afternoon.

Sounds like from what the person I spoke with said, that they actually DID hire a 3rd part to come who was a no show.

Labor shortages are real so I am trying to be patient.

Got some housecleaning done today.
Bailed on a volunteer commitment last night as the plumber was ostensibly on the way which sucks. (I did send email- but that sucks.)

After some housecleaning and family baths done ( its like old world- today is bath day- boiled water using every pot imaginable and turned water on the house so baths could be done.)
Washed my window, counters, dusted , vacuumed and now am shutting off the main water again.

The valve going to the water heater is broken so have to shut off the whole house water main. If it is on either we have the tank fill and leak and basement floods OR I can leave the relief valve on and the water is literally filling the hot water heater and then draining right out.

CE la vie. I wanted to get SOMETHING done when home. Figure some spent a couple hundred having housecleaners come. I just spent that likely in freaking water with my own labor but here so got it done.

Tomorrow I have interview and other things will do- like go to the laundromat in the AM and be back to meet the plumber,

So now off for a nice walk with my friend.
The one who my autistic high functioning kid calls ableist and accuses of having abusively not allowed her kid to learn life skills by infantilizing.

( Discord and twitter autism forums validate this perspective from actual autistic persons including those who are non verbal but have learned that there is a whole world out there accessible when they have computers! Its rather amazing and eye opening.)

BUT There are some, many in fact who despite not being given opportunity for independence are NOT unhappy just chilling living at home with family! I mean come on-
I try to tell my kid not to be so judgmental.

Parents can't win.

Just let parents each do their fucking best and accept their choices

ABUSE is a different issue

But it sure as hell was not abuse that this now adult man has had a chill life with his family and been only at his mother's side. I mean I have spent much time and he IS happy and content and yes she DOES respect his wishes. She does not feel comfortable leaving him home alone.
BUT who are we to judge ?

I mean disabled include not only high function but truly some with MR who might drink the Draino. ( Although I am with my kid on this one- it is more fear based that a realistic fear as even small kids with disabities MOST OFTEN are way smarter than parents give credit for- and lock the damn Draino up and teach some basic skills etc and MOST disabled could have some independence. )

I am with my kid often it is parents fears more than reality that some disabled are not given oppotunities-
but socially we here in VA are in a state ( and she in WV) that has not seen the potential and set up structures for meaninguful community support as much as NY has.

OK That is my rant of the day.

Just captured the convesaation that resulted in the invite to try to get my kids to join us

Cause I thought they too might like a walk in the woods to see the late Fall /early winter landscape.

Trixie and I will enjoy it!

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