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2022-11-17 - 8:29 p.m.

I have a new hot water heater! It took 17 days from when the initial service call for the plumber.

So much for the $50 discount the office manager said she would put through in the apology for them not showing up when scheduled the other day. The charge for the other half of the quoted amount is pending! They put it through on the same card I gave them for the deposit already. Total cost $904. The $100 service fee for American Home Shield and then the $809.44 for the job. ( Pretty much Bullshit as honestly it is not worth 800 more in work to have the drip pan and overflow tank but honestly I was just up the creek without a paddle to argue as if I don't go with what the insurance company says then I had to hire out of pocket open market and in this are that would be $800 anyway.)

So it is done. The good news is the old tank was a 40 Gallon Tank and the one they put in is taller and a 60 gallon tank.

I so enjoyed taking a bath tonight!

The first thing I did when the water was on was fill and drain the tub to confirm it was not leaking. The leak that was in the living room definitely was from when it was filled to the very top and the overflow drained the water.

I did NOT fill the bath all the way to the top. Honestly it is a nice bath if only 3/4 way full and I don't really care about that issue as long as there is no leak when I normally take my bath. I can remember not to fill it higher and just live with that quirk. Not that important ( and not worth putting money into just now to fix.

I just opened up another American Home Shield service ticket to have someone come fix the running toilet.

That part that is stuck and not working and making it run is connected to the bottom of the tank so its not something I can figure out how to fix myself even if I did go buy the right part. This needs more skill than I have or could figure out DIY.
So sucking it up and pd the $100 for the next project co pay and hope this time a plumber just comes and fixes it without any nonsense.

They should for that job.

I ALSO have to get an electrician here to fix an outlet that doesn't work in the basement bathroom.

My tenant thankfully came back and is still happy to be here! She has been so gracious about it. Her rent check next month will be for the days WITH hot water. I mean honestly I can't see having her pay for the days of shitty apt without hot water (and flooding, and some days NO water once figured out how to cut it.)

I will pay all the other bills first and next month's mortgage and then take care of the electrical repair NEXT MONTH. It can wait a few more weeks. Hope then I will have a full time job offer.

Again came close but no offer. Another panel interview then the follow up "We have chosen someone more aligned with the role"

Ce la vie

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