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2022-11-18 - 8:08 a.m.

SO the plumber assigned to fix the leaking toilet called first thing and is scheduled to come out on Monday.

Hope this repair is quick and easy.
Two part issue:

1. Seems mechanism inside that measures water level stopped working so it- the thing with float ( not clue what called- the thing you can adjust water level you intend with a scredriver. Messing around with the screw that is supposed to change water level chosen makes no difference so the thing inside making water stop flowing once measures level is broken)


2. The valve going into the toilet is not shutting all the way so when try to shut off the water

It is still filling and then constantly draining.

Bad luck
to have multiple issues that create excess water flow with wasted water and wasted money .

The only option is to shut off ALL the water upstairs and do the running back and forth to turn it off and on ( STILL!! ) when my tenant is not home ( She doesn't mind me entering the basement)
HOWEVER at this juncture after the kids and her all being put out for weeks
I am going to try to have some balance and not disrupt them
Or at least disrupt as minimally as possible

And shut off when can ( like when tenant not here and not a disruption)

But honestly it is going to be off more than on

like when at work over the weekend. It's her days off work and after the past few weeks of disruption she deserved to enjoy her apt space without intrusion.

She is at work so I ran down just now to cut the water for a bit. Mainly cause you know how a little drip can drive one crazy

Well that constant running water through the wall that I am hearing from the hall bathroom is driving me crazy.

There was no way the plumbers here would tend to it. I tried.

I am lucky they got the water heater in

EVEN THOUGH they very rudely installed it and when done I looked at it and I noticed that there is not a decent line from the drain on the bottom-
there is a pan on the bottom, with a part you are obvioulsy intended to attach a drain line from the release valve at the bottom, and then a pvc or other drain line to go to where you have a drain hole in the ground

SO they have the drip pan but did not align that with the drain hole. So they show it to me and I ask
"Any way to rotate the drip pan and align that?"

Of course they already connected the plumbing at top
so of course they said NO ( There was no way to rotate the heater! to rotate the drip pan would mean lifting the heater they already filled with water. Hell no)

But what the heck I just asked once when saw the misalignment and let it be.

BUT THEN after they were gone, I went down to CLEAN The space. I mean when folks do work I have learned- most don't clean up 100%.

Its like they do it ALMOST all the way. I swear something is forgotton-- always.

AND it was just a good time to take a bucket of soapy water and rag and dust out the whole space- walls, as far up as I can reach, floor, get all the dust and debri done-

Heck there is an air vent from that utlity room to the adjacent basement living room area.

Cleaning up utlilty spaces and basements, crawl spaces can do alot for the air quality. I mean so many , myself included, just let those spaces go... as we are not in them, using them.
So when I clean my basement I am mindful to actually not do that. I am pretty good about cleaning my dryer vents periodically and the laundry room too. Not a meticuloud housecleaner by any means ( we get clutter) but I do keep things clean enough over all...

So I go down pick up some rags they left on the floor soaked with water. ( I don't want mold for sure!) I also had to re-set up the dehumidifier I had moved out of there which is on all the time with a drain hose attached. (Best thing ever- to attach a drain hose and set your humidity and just have the thing drain.)

I am cleaning the floor- then I see more wet paper towels and rags tucked behind the water heater and pull those out-
and then I notice the two plumbers here
(who were cursing- but I mean they are PLUMBERS so I EXPECT "What the fuck!" To be uttered loudly a few times and when I heard "FUCK FUCK FUCK"

from one, honestly I was not concerned)
'but in the moment of seeing the wet pile behind the heater I realized I SHOULD perhaps have been concerned and instead of leaving them the hell alone to get it done could have gone to see what the frustration was.

Had I done that I might not have been surprised to find that the wate lines from the TOP release valve - based on the position of the release valve- go to the BACK of the water heater

and the end of it is this u cap thing which really stupidly hits against the wall

in other words the set up is ridiculous in how the pressure release valve

YEAH That one you are , so I now have learned, supposed to release a couple times a year-
to check working-
and let water out of the tank

DRAINS with the termination of the pipe NOT all the way down in the drip pan
But in the middle of the wall- kinda freestanding there
not connected to anything

So if test the release valve you basically just shoot water all over the place, against the back wall , into the floor and flooding the area that was flooded from the leak before.

BASICALLY there is a need for a longer line to drain the water into the drip pan is what it looks like to me.

And it looks like they reattached the pre-existing drain line there.

In other words I have a new water heater

And its great the thing is a 60 gallon when I had a 40 gallon before.

But they did not do a stellar job at setting it up and left that release drain the ends with the curved cap part that directs the water TO The wall is really just stupid. I am sure it is cause they used the pre-existing line and it had that curved (not sure what called? JOINT? Looks like a joint- intended to connect TWO lines)-
It is just being cheap rather than using new PVC to direct all the way to the ground or at least have water aimed toward, landing just above the drip pan rather than pointed to the wall-

and they were being impatient and wanted to be done so were sloppy.

I am just tired of dealing with this plumbing company that took so long to get out here to begin with.

BUT I will call and first ask them to do that please.

I took pictures.
They were too large to be texted. I was going to send them via text to the person who had me text the photos of the broken water heater.
I can email them I hope-
Will try that. And it will likely be weeks before they come back if I get them to come back...

I feel like I might have to go to the hardware store and figure this one out myself in the end-
its not a huge thing, but just disappointing when someone does a job 95% of the way and leaves something unfinished ( or done crappy that has to be re-done).

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