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2022-11-18 - 3:52 p.m.

Oops I just got hung up on by a VEC rep when I didn't even yell but just got frustrated at her asking

"whats the problem"
in response to my articulation

"The problem is I have filed since JULY
and am supposed to have a payment within 21 days
and I have received ZERO dollars
despite reporting every bit of earned income
and I need some money to LIVE on as I keep job hunting and have not landed anything yet"

YES I kinda lost it
but I had already asked her to reopen the claim so I could file the prior four weeks of job hunting info

and she was the THIRD person at the 1800 # I had talked to

as the first called I told EVERYTHING to

he asked about my self employment

and I explained so far IN THE RED
sure have company but had invested everything in it and then got fired

so then he says
"I will transfer you to an associate who can reopen your claim so you can report job hunting infor for last four weeks"

Apparently OCT 15 the last week I filed- and again that is past 21 days so they have to reopen my claim.

I suppose if you lose it and get upset it only is effective in person.

SHEESH The woman having a meltdown inperson got helped

I just had a bit of a meltdown on the phone and the lady hung up.

I was upset
Not yelling even but hell over the phone that may have translated as yelling and it is the end of her day as well
and she is tired as well
and she too has no more patience.

I will call again for the 4th time today and try to be patient.

The phone message "The fastest, most efficient way to file is on line....Simply.."

The fucking language of "fastest" And "simply"

are SIMPLY CONDESCENDING and offensive to those having trouble navigating the system. Just frustrated as they bump a claim from being active not based on if 21 days of ACTIVITY In their actual systems ( that is what I was thinking. I mean it was in NOV that I last was in their system inputting info- just a couple weeks ago. Less than two weeks Ago- BUT I successfully only filed for up to mid OCT) NO it is 21 days from the last EFFECTIVELY filed date of weekly info. SHEESH I was bumped cause the last week I effectively input info for was Oct 15th. Their systems stop working at 4:30 pm. I am now editing adding that update. I have been trying to get this done since at least 3pm today. No such luck. Started too late in the day to navigate their process.

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