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2022-11-18 - 1:10 p.m.

OH my the dysautonomia specialist practice my family has gone to for years, with one of the foremost experts in the country for POTS was taken over ( merged) with John Hopkins.

This is a brilliant collaboration. Of course it is motivated by reserch funding for the expert
as well as John Hopkins likely having wanted him on their team.

GOOD FOR HIM he had not abandoned his clients.

I always loved these two doctors- a husband wife team.

SHE provided amazing care as does her husband, but he focuses time on research and publishing and peer reviews etc.

He has won best doctor accolades many times.

She is perhaps an even better doctor at times- but he gets accollades from the professional orgs as they give out the awards which are peer reviewed and they know him from his visible work and contributions to the profession.

She would get accolades from the many patients she has helped ( as well as he would.

THey are mad busy so awaiting a call back to reschedule appointment canceled for my one kid this week.

Just glad while they are not accepting any new patients, that they are taking Medicaid for existing patients
and have told me that our out of pocket cost (for the incredibly expensive testing required to monitor POTS) for the kid that was granted Medicaid.
will be ZERO.


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