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2022-11-19 - 1:44 p.m.

OH Thank God BOTH FAFSA forms done for both kids! WHOO HOOO the 2nd kid got it done this AM!

And I am less worried about the tax fiasco of my kid not on last year's tax return as I think schools will GET IT.
I know I will be audited.
But schools look at actual reality of what parent the kid lives with.

IN past I used to have to fill out FAFSA for my kids who did not live with me, but were with their Dad in NY. ( The two oldest who moved up there in middle school).

Somehow the process got easier and kids report income of the house they really live in and income of parents who REALLY Support them. If they go between homes 50/50 then they report both.

If they don't no issue.

Length of divorce may be an issue as well.

Since divorced since 2007 and this kid lived here for past three years I think will be no issue.

IRS will also show I think the whole history of FILED and AMENED returns ( I read the small print when authorized data dump from the IRS) so if they read carefully they will see what happened.

Schools are full of smart people.

So I am not going to worry about it and presume the kid should get aid. I of course wrote of my worry but SAID NOTHING TO THE KID.

and I also feel better at her enthusiasm and fact got it done. Not in a depressive not interested "What is the point? " frame of mind and headspace which she has at times been stuck in.

I thnk in this case the sibling was helpful in encouraging her to get it done as much as I was. I just started it and handed it off to her to finish.

YES ! I think this is a record of the year those forms are completed earliest in history of our family filing FAFSAS!


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