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2022-11-20 - 10:50 a.m.

It's hard to believe how quickly one can go through money when paying back debt.

I mean - when not working for months, the bills added up.

I had a large amount of money deposited to my accounts this month

and turned right back around and it went right back out.


BUT all the medical debts from the past year are paid off.

I just did not want to have them all lingering so once my tax return came paid them off.

But there is nothing left and now have to again be month to month figuring out how to get by.

The cost of the plumbing issues of course was a big hit and came at a bad time. (Only good timing cause it was right when that tax return came so could hire plumber with the extra $1000 cash in hand in the moment that it really cost- OK $908 . Quote was 404 but the folks took a deposit then the 2nd half and not only are they awful at customer service and quality but bad at math. They promised a discount for all the trouble so the final payment should have been $350 but they pulled the $404. $804 quote- they added extra $4 on the bill rather than taking off the discount. PIA Will call yet again and ask they honor their verbal agreement to discount for all the trouble- but based on reviews on line I am not counting on follow through..

BRICK PLUMBING you all in DMV Area-

1.5 stars from google reviews

After I read the reviews saw it is a pattern of the bullshit of them getting assigned a job from AHS and them just CLOSING The ticket claiming work completed without doing a damn thing.

It was not just me who had the bizarre incongruence between AHS saying "Work approved"
and Brick Street Plumbing claiming "AHS never sent the work order"

It looks to me like they are taking the money and running.

Apparently AHS is not well enough managed so they are keeping them on still as a vendor. AWFUL

I need to find more work soon. This is getting frustrating. Another panel interview for a good job last week with four people but then email no offer on Friday word did not get the job.

I get through the recruiter, hr and then hit the final interview and don't get hired.


At least I landed the one consulting client. But so far only one contract sent that I worked on. I will invoice at the end of the month and hope they send me something else between now and then.

Just disappointing. I did a good job but know the tension between the business development folks who don't necessarily want a through legal review and would prefer to NOT know all the risks.

The other challenge is that with only one consulting session of me looking at their standard template I gave really solid feedback.

But they now can just carry my input forward and make changes on the next deals themselves.

So I am not sure they are intending to use my knowledge and skills and compensate me on an ongoing basis.

I hope they send me more work.

But I have to just ride it out and see and keep working on business development. I met with someone who I thought was going to hire me as she acted like it. 10 hrs a week support.

I gave her my references and did not yet hear back so hope she is just not moving quickly but does send me work. Will see

I have a sore throat today- not super bad but best be careful so attending church on line rather than joining choir this AM. No need to pass it on if infectious!

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