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2022-11-21 - 9:15 p.m.

Thankfully after listening to my kid vent as to how much they hate me fir childhood abuse, the same child talked later and Said they don't believe in hating forever but in giving people chances to listen , learn and act differently.

I figured as much. Both kids are at laundromat with me tonight doing the laundry.
They are so funny as love to take over when we do stuff.
Ok by me....

Last night I started cooking abd one kid took over.

Too bad they ate bossy
However at this point in life I don't mind that last night I did not have to cook dinner as kid took over making the Udon noodles recipie from tge Moosewood Cookbook after we together chopped some veggies. I just got out of the way.

Likewise I got out if the way as they loaded the laundry and dryers. I will help fold when it's done.

They also decided to check my car fluids and it's a good thing as the oil was low. There is an auto zone doors down from the laundromat which inspired.

It's like once off the video games and out if house they are go getters. So funny the contrast.

I know once they get motivated to find jobs they will do fine in them. It's the getting there...out of house that has been the challenge.

One made a comment about Covid pandemic not over so realized that is still a factor in the reluctance. Hope worry about that diminishes soon ! Cause when out they are fine! It's the getting there that is the hard part for some reason.

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