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2022-11-21 - 3:41 p.m.

Plumber came.

Some sort of nonsense of additonal work for another $900 to do the total work of toilet fixed and replace main pressure valve

as lo and behold the pressure coming out of my hose (where the plumber measured what the water pressure in my house is- yes the hose line was AFTER the pressure regulator valve)

was 100 PSI

Twice as high as recommended.

I said NO
I can only pay the service call - that's it

and the guy said AHS approved his labor to replace that main valve and the new main valve.


Get that done.

It is the primary issue.

Some nonsense because that was broken and that caused the other problems they won't cover the other issue of the toilet running problem?

OF course the toilet was not running when I FIRST put in the call to have the main pressure valve checked.

The leak was there BUT There was not a running toilet.

This guy told me the leak was from the TOILET and that the SEAL must be bad on it. As well as its valves' shot.

I know since the leak was present:
a) when tub drained and
b) yesterday there was a DRIP sound and then drips of water in the living room again- ]when NO ONE running any water but just the toilet running

THAT the leak HAS to be either TWO distinct overflows of water causing leak in ceiling
OR as I suspect
a bad joint or some other compromised drain pipe.

One of the two
BUT I do suspect there might be a problem of leaking pipe.

But today - for the fraking $100 I paid AHS-
they are paying this dude to replace the main presure regulator.

PRIMARY Problem to be fixed.

My church friends ( the guys on the trustee committee who take care of the facilities at my church) kindly offered to help if I have issues getting the AHS folks to fix all they promise in their false advertising.

Supplemental Home Insurance companies are such a racket.

Better off dropping $45 a month into an emergency fund and hope nothing goes wrong before you have the fund in good shape.

* I tried that...

Ce la vie.

Wish I had a job that allows me to as they say the best financial planning-

"Pay yourself first"

Recommended to first put that money away as if it is as CRITICAL as your mortgage or car payment.

I give the Ramsey Financial Peace program the HIGEST ratings possible. That program teaches that-

Best practices to not get into financial hot water:

1. Live in means. Seriously take the freaking bus and walk if you can't actually afford car expenses. (This is my #1 financial advice: CARS ARE OVERRATED. They lose value the moment off the lot and are a significant cost. If can get by without one do it- even if it means sitting on a bus for an hour or even better getting one's ass on a bike! I SO Recommend shifting lifestyle to bike commute. I am still convinced this was the BEST SHIFT EVER for me and I would love to be able to do so again.)
2. Don't use credit cards FREAKING EVER is their philosophy
4. If have debt pay off what you can IN FULL then attack the next debt. This is psychologically sound.
* I followed this by paying off in full every medical bill I could once the tax return came; and then paid $20 on a couple that are outstanding and told them next month if not yet employed will call and set up monthly payment plan til paid off. That prevents the bills going to credit reporting. * TIP DO THIS WITH OTHER DEBT FIRST as new law is either in effect or being pushed to ELIMINATE medical debt from hitting credit reports. That makes no difference for me. I want to pay providers of the good medical care my kids rely on!
First of all because THEY DESERVE TO BE PAID * HELL even if I am not thrilled with the care I believe all providers STILL Deserve to be paid! You negotiated and decided to hire them- so pay them and just don't USE them again if they are not decent.
Second of all, the bills we had were from providers my kids need to KEEP SEEING. I was feeling particularly bad about not paying them and still going to regular appointments.

AHS Esitmate Bullshit:

Toilet repair not covered as the failure of pressure valve caused the issue.

Interesting thing is when I FIRST called in the tix the toilet was NOT running; nor was the water heater BURST.

Had they fucking checked that valve when they came on NOV 1 the rest would not have blown.

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