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2022-11-22 - 4:25 p.m.

Had opportunity to interview with a potential client but I don't have the experience they are seeking.

It was nice to be considered.
Hope they find who they need and I said if they don't feel free to reach out further.

Time to take Trixie for another walk as it is lovely outside.
My realtor brought us a pecan pie in Thanks for the business ( the one who listed my basement and found the wonderful tenant who will be enabling me to pay my mortgage as of next month!)

Listing with her was the best move.

But hope don't have to again!!

Plumber #3 will be here Fri AM to fix my running toilet.
The town Water Dept stopped by to tell me they noticed I have a leak as 20 gallons of water are being run each hour.

He was in his truck and had his computer and he was looking at the pattern and telling me he could see when it started-
then it got better a bit ( Days water was shut off)
then it started running again- wasting-

that would be when AFTER the water heater fixed the toilet was running. The toilet WAS NOT running back at end of OCT and only was a problem AFTER the high water pressure - it started the same time the water heater burst.
Hope fixed Friday

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