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2022-11-22 - 11:59 a.m.

Damn I hate when finances are SO Tight there is ZERO wiggle room.

Cause I have a propensity to forget something.

LIKE I turned off all autopayments at this point so won't be surprised by any bill going through

BUT forgot I could NOT turn off autopay for the Loan taken out for kid to finish HS ( to pay the lawyer needed. I am still baffled that it cost $5K for my kid to graduate their neighborhood high school!

Bill down to $1600 left on that loan; cause this month-
accidentally paid it twice!

No I did not FORGET the autopay actually- that was not quite accurate. I was aware it would go through on the 20th. HOWEVER I made a payment from my OTHER account two days before. Truth is I expected that payment to be CLEARED in 24 hrs- and then the autopay would not go through as the bill would have already been paid.

BUT NO I underestimated time takes to clear. I should have sent the payment THREE days before- at minimum- not two.
Cause what happened is that before the payment I posted from the one bank cleared; the account auto pulled from the OTHER checking account ( held at the same back the loan was from.) When I saw my acct depleted to ZERO I was perplexed til figured out what the hell it was. If there is not enough for the full payment they will still pull what is left to pay off the loan!

That was not expected.


Just screwed me up.

When things are tight any error matters greatly. That damn domino effect.
I would NEVER want to work as an accountant !

I am not great at managing my finances. SURE I am good when HAVE ample money!
But when tight budget I just stink at it.

It is overspending problem for sure... but not on trivialities- but on medical care, and necessities...freaking car insurance, health insurance, doctor bills etc...
My big splurge as thought I was all OK was the book on high functioning autism. (For $19 the psychologist also has a bunch of videos and is available to answer email questions. I mean the guy genuinely seems wants to share his knowledge! I am sure SOME hire him to work and he gets more business as well. I am so far impressed by his ebook and think worth the $19. For starters his book is not outdated. He is using terminology preferred by those with autism so he is not clueless like some who are trying to help but themselves have not remained educated in changes in social norms, language used and basically have not communicated or listened to the actual autistic individuals speaking out. It is really important to LISTEN and hear their valid concerns!)

Seriously the burn rate to live here is high.

I did also not charge my tenant the full rate for NOV. I mean she had no freaking hot water and literally a flooded living room and was spending time freaking shop vacuuming water every day. ( She prepaid for the month already)

I believe in being fair. I get $1100 a month from her, so told her Dec 1 just give me a check for $500 as honestly it was about 60% of the time that she had that mess.

I can't see making her pay for those days.

This month expenses were high with the plumbing repair. BUT even so I also had an electrician come and fix the one broken outlet in the bathroom where my tenant would like to be able to plug in her curling iron that she is used to using. For real the gal needs a functional apt.

I am happy at least there was no drama with that repair. Paid the AHS service fee and the electrician came and quickly fixed it. NO NONSENSE

I just wanted to get it done.
Freaking important for me to KEEP My tenant!

No gain yet but come JAN there will be from the basement rental ( finally!) In good news ( I HOPE) AHS allows for a 'second opinion". If the opinion is the same as the initial assessment then I am told I would have to pay the service fee ( HELL NO) I am positive whoever comes from a different plumbing company would feel damns silly to argue with me- when it is freaking obvious that the toilet is running cause it needs a ten dollar part simply found at Home Depot ( toilet fill valve that was shot) and the simple $20 part of the toilet connector with a shut off valve. Its a freaking simple leak Not a $900 freaking job that requires a whole new toilet. These contractors full of crap hoping to upsell are unbelievable. The other nonsense is that claims not covered under the warranty. Its a freaking typical toilet leak- nothing complicated and their agreement clearly covers it! Another plumber being sent out. =


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